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Computools's engineers develop and implement customized back-end solutions that meet your business goals and market demands and keep your platforms and applications running smoothly, seamlessly, and soundly. Create engaging user journeys and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through decreased downtime, optimal server source usage, and service-oriented solutions.

Server-Side Development


Java is versatile and one of the most widespread programming languages with a huge community and more than 20 years of market penetration. Java is often used to work with Big Data, Hadoop, and Spark. It’s a main coding language with a large number of time-proven turnkey solutions for enterprise applications and platform development. With solutions based on Java, engineers can easily manage product scalability and provide you with a high level of security and reliability.

Server-Side Development


Node.JS is a fast processing platform that provides scalability, speed, and transparency. Computools’s experts use it for real-time applications and platforms to significantly reduce response time and, hence, decrease loading time, easily integrate microservices, reduce the time it takes to process user requests, and improve user experience. The use of popular TypeScript and JavaScript programming languages allows us to reuse parts of code and speed up development processes.

Server-Side Development


PHP is a stable, powerful, and cost-efficient language for both startups and enterprises. Having a deep reach into the market, especially developer communities, PHP is flexible and can be combined with other technologies. Applying PHP allows our developers to improve time to market, build MVP and medium-scale projects, and create highly customized web solutions that meet your business needs.

Server-Side Development


Go is popular, scalable, flexible, and one of the fastest programming languages, allowing for the efficient solving of performance-related bottlenecks. It was created by Google and can be easily combined with other programming languages and frameworks. With Go server-side solutions Computools delivers safe and high-speed web and mobile applications with a predefined set of features that can be easily scaled to meet business goals and requirements. The reliability, stability, and safety of the language are confirmed by its use in solving daily network tasks directly by Google.

Server-Side Development


Python was created with simplicity and readability in mind but it copes perfectly with complex development tasks. By choosing Python as a back-end language, our engineers can reduce development time and costs, getting applications and/or platforms to market as quickly as possible. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with other programming languages and Machine Learning solutions.

Server-Side Development


.NET is a strong software development ecosystem developed by Microsoft for building stable web-pages and desktop-based applications. It’s a safe and reliable solution that can be applied to build scalable enterprise solutions with high responsiveness.

Server-Side Development


WordPress (CMS) WordPress is a high-grade content management system that powers both startup and enterprise websites around the globe. It’s flexible and can be quickly adapted to changing business needs, providing smooth and stable web platform performance. Computools's WordPress-based solutions allow us to create mobile-responsive sites with all necessary sets of features that fully meet current market demands.

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