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Computools's experienced team uses advanced methods and approaches to optimize and update your product, preserving as much as possible of what you already have, and supplementing it with the required improvements. With a robust reengineering solution, you can enhance your product with responsive design, renovate architecture, add features, and get the necessary agility to meet your dynamic business needs.

With Computools’s Reengineering services, you can:


Improve user experience

Strengthening the user experience occurs through in-depth analysis of user journey, audience habits and preferences, research, and identifying the latest trends. A Designer's core task at Computools is to preserve the functionality and general style of the project as much as possible and improve it with state-of-art solutions. Provide an engaging experience to your users to increase customer satisfaction and sales by applying a customer-oriented design to your solutions.

Creelit case study


Speed up new feature delivery

Through a comprehensive approach, the Computools Architect identifies weaknesses and bottlenecks and develops a strategy on how to overcome and fix them (for instance, using the newest libraries and versions of product frameworks) to significantly increase the speed of delivery on new functions.

Bombardier case study


Increase responsivity

Years of extensive experience allows Computools to identify critical performance points using audit data and load tests. Implement a series of measures to improve the responsivity of your systems to the required level without disrupting the user experience.



Ensure solid operation

Computools's Business Analyst conducts in-depth research and analysis of your company’s processes and, if necessary, user processes, and creates a plan and fills the identified gaps with the necessary components to significantly increase the user experience.

Epson case study


Get high quality assurance

Applying high test coverage allows for the thorough testing of a product to ensure its performance and full functionality, and avoid any possible technical issues.



Reduce equipment costs

Based on audit and load testing, Computools identifies performance-crucial areas (how many resources the existing solution uses, how fast and flexible it is, etc.), and iteratively improves them to the required level of system performance according to your requests without loss of responsiveness.



Reduce development costs

The Computools team has extensive experience in achieving goals while at the same time saving your current codebase and applying a minimum of changes.


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