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Get your own virtual business assistant that will recommend solutions based on the analysis of all your business’s data. This assistant will be a competent advisor in the following areas; improving customer service, boosting the efficiency of your company's processes through analysis of deriving patterns, increasing revenue and maximizing sales opportunities by identifying trends, predicting product demand, classifying customers and predicting their behavior and much more. Take a look at Computools’s expertise with Artificial Intelligence in the following industries:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Consumer Services

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Retail

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Finance

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

How Does It Work

Computools embeds AI capabilities into software to provide you with more intelligent and automated solutions

Data Analysis

A deep analysis of the project's goals identifies the main need, whether that's to solve a task or automate processes through AI solutions. The result of this analysis makes building an expert system or neural network clearer. An expert system is man-made, a unique and very accurate model of the calculation is used. While a neural network is made using sophisticated machine learning. Engineers analyze what class the problem belongs to, the available data sets (quality and volume), and form signs from them. The network architecture is formed based on the type of task, and the learning process begins (architecture tuning, optimizer parameters, error function and form of signs).


Computools's developers carry out and implement your solution using expert knowledge and skills. Enjoy professionally formulated expert systems with accurate processes that solve problems faster and more efficiently. Benefit from a neural network built using deep machine learning that's fast to implement, self-learning, and doesn't require an operator or developer.


The support and maintenance of implemented AI solutions contribute to their regular improvement: adding new functions and algorithms, updating libraries, fixing bugs, applying the latest developments, etc. Computools is committed to providing the highest quality products and the long-term maintenance needed to keep them doing what you need them to.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Bring a competitive advantage to your business with reliable AI solutions


Technologies & Frameworks

Computools’s developers create technically comprehensive development with high-end customization to meet your business needs

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