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Computools's Mobile App Development Services

Сutting-edge mobile apps enabling you to reach your users wherever they are

Mobile applications are a direct channel between you and your customers, creating a more effective means of communication, building longer relationships and accumulating a genuine customer base with strong loyalty. Computools creates customer-focused mobile applications that improve your business’s accessibility to your customers and clients, help in building brand awareness and recognition, boost profits and allow you to stay on top of customer satisfaction. Take a look at each button related to Mobile App Development to better understand why working with Computools helps you reach your business goals.

Enterprise Resource Planning Apps

Improve how management makes quality decisions and simplify how those decisions get implemented, by digitizing company resources, visualizing them and creating a management framework with clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), KSFs (Key Success Factors) and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Benefit from a well-organized company dashboard that works like a planning system, assists in short-term forecasting and operates like a virtual business assistant based on AI technology, which results in a significant reduction in back office costs.

Educational Apps

Significantly expand your client base by giving access to your educational material via WebRTC technology for your online school or consulting firm. By offering virtual classes and lectures, you gain access to customers and clients all over the world. Creating an online database and form of delivery not only saves you money on textbooks, notebooks, office space, traveling, etc., but also saves your customers money on the same things. Computools can build you a cloud-based educational system that lowers administration and operational costs, increases market reach, and improves overall user satisfaction.

Marketplace Apps

Start monetizing understanding of the market's structure by creating a platform for trading and interaction between sellers and buyers. Benefit on assistance in attracting the primary database of sellers and buyers, including creating primary databases (by parsing, as one of the options) for the subsequent leading of the system to the organic growth (when, due to a large number of sellers and buyers, new users enter the system). Get the most from the opportunities for rapid growth by creating online platforms that are not linked to a physical region.

Computools has a deep understanding and competence of launching marketplaces, where the most important factor is the initial promotion: when due to the lack of sellers there are no buyers, and vice versa, by parsing and creating a primary database of one type of customer to attract the second customer type.

Online Stores Apps

Significantly expand the number of potential customers your business can access through a well-developed online store. By opening your doors up to the digital market, your pipeline can expand drastically and reach customers across the globe. Get backend information like KPIs, PNL, and other vital data like products in/out of stock with an online store app built by Computools.

Customer Relationship Management Apps

Improve sales performances by creating a sales funnel analysis and management tool. Doing so will increase the quality of decisions made by management and lead to a better more organized implementation process, as well as reduce costs by automating routine tasks.

Social Network Apps

Provide users with the opportunity to communicate with each other (remotely from anywhere in the world, even in situations of force majeure, excluding personal meetings) and search for new friends, creating platforms that allow placing user content, communicating and looking out new connections. Monetize user attention by creating an app where users will generate content on their own. Collect and analyze open user data for subsequent monetization (by providing contextual advertising or anonymized data for marketing research, etc.).

Online Video Communication Apps

Optimize the way your business handles communication. Create a powerful video communication app for keeping in touch with employees and partners in different offices or parts of the country. Increase conversion by implementing remote meetings with customers using video conferencing, build distance education systems, events and streams. The future of business is heavily embedded in fast communication and will be done via high-resolution channels for online video.

Mobile Banking Apps

Deliver a more beneficial experience to your customers. Take your business to the next level by building or improving your current digital banking system. Having an optimized environment where customers feel more comfortable and safe leads to more trust and loyalty. In addition, better structure, organization and security leads to saved costs and smoother automation.

Trading Apps

Gain and maintain a high level of user trust by providing strong security for user funds, data, and activity. Establish fast network speeds to increase your apps visitor base to increase your chances of a successful integration with banks and other financial institutions.

IoT Control Apps

Implementing the IoT ecosystem leads to the reduction of operating costs and improves the quality of operations by transferring routine tasks to the system: improving the quality of business decisions thanks to additional data. IoT provides an opportunity to create a new and even unique user experience for customers. Computools helps unlock the potential of the digitally-connected world and improve business models, with new IoT strategy for your business, ensuring your competitive success.

News Apps Aggregators

Attract users to your resource by creating a user experience-oriented app for generating and showing content. Use third-party API and scraping methods to reduce resource intensive content generation and increase visitor count. Keep visitors happy by applying a powerful content delivery network (CDN), e.g., BBC or Forbes, and optimize load speed.

Uber like Apps

Start monetizing your idea with an easy, cost and time-effective solution. Create a system consisting of two applications; the management app for service providers and the platform for the interaction between service providers and their customers. Utilize Computools’s experience to build a powerful app that’ll help in the organic growth and lead to a more enjoyable customer experience and journey for everyone.

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