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Senior Software Engineer, Node.js


Kyiv, Ukraine



Employment type

Full time


4+ years of experience

Your goal

Program code example will be good

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer (Node.js) to expand our team.


  • Languages and frameworks
    1. Experience with JavaScript, ES6, ES7
    2. Experience with TypeScript
    3. Node.js
    4. Experience with Express, Koa
    5. Other Node.js framework like Express will be good
  • Databases and storage tools
    1. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
    2. Strong SQL language knowledge
    3. MongoDB
    4. Redis
    5. RabbitMQ will be good
    6. Sequelize ORM
  • Protocol, solutions and APIs
    1. HTTP
    2. JSON
    3. Auth
    4. WebSockets (
    5. FB, Google, AWS APIs
    6. Telegram Bots
    7. Stripe API
    8. Knowledge of another APIs will be good
  • Approaches and principles
    1. Strong algorithm knowledge
    2. Architecture approaches
    3. Callbacks, promises understanding
    4. Experience with queues on RabbitMQ will be good
    5. Functional approaches
    6. MVC
    7. OOP
    8. DDD (domain-driven design) will be good
    9. REST
    10. Microservices approach
  • Technologies and tools
    1. Npm
    2. IDE JS debug tools
    3. Git
    4. Docker
    5. Good linux administrator level
    6. AWS services
    7. Base DevOps skills


  • Designing, building and maintaining efficient, reusable and reliable Python code;
  • Writing and maintaining ETLs in Python and SQL from multiple sources (Redshift, PG, 3rd party APIs);
  • Developing customer facing APIs;
  • Understanding requirements from stakeholders and providing estimates of work;
  • Interfacing with various internal and external teams to help define requirements, interfaces, and implementation approaches;
  • Providing troubleshooting support and fix bugs across platforms;
  • Taking projects through the full engineering lifecycle: designing, ticketing, building, testing, deploying, and debugging tools and products.


  • Captivating work with a friendly, young team;
  • Flexible working schedule;
  • Spacious comfortable office with cozy lounge zones;
  • Employment contract with company (full employment including social security);
  • High salary: determined individually, but definitely above industry average;
  • Taxes paid by the company.

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