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Senior Software Engineer, PHP


Warsaw, Poland



Employment type

Full time


6+ years of experience

Your goal

Program code example will be good

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer (PHP) to expand our team.


Languages and frameworks

  • PHP 8+;
  • Symfony or/and Laravel or/and other PHP Framework;
  • Doctrine or/and Eloquent or/and other PHP ORM;
  • PHPUnit advanced level.

Databases and storage tools

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or other SQL based Database;
  • MongoDB or other document oriented database will be good.

Protocol, libraries and APIs

  • Good understanding of HTTP;
  • JSON;
  • FB, Twitter,  G+ etc api will be good;
  • Payments api will be good.

Approaches and principles

  • Strong OOP;
  • Deep understanding and usage of some Design Patterns;
  • Deep understanding and usage of SOLID principles;
  • Deep understanding and usage of DDD;
  • REST understanding and ability to use in work;
  • DI pattern;
  • Base algorithms knowledge;
  • Strong understanding of SQL, relations, types, database optimization skills.

Technologies and tools

  • Composer, packages, versioning, autoload;
  • Apache2 or\and Nginx good level;
  • IDE PHP debug tools;
  • Xdebug’s profiler;
  • RabbitMQ / redis / memcached will be good;
  • Good linux administrator level will be good;
  • Docker will be good.

Knowledge of languages:

  • English Upper-Intermediate.


  • Estimate tasks provided by a Project Manager (PM) or Technology Lead (TL);
  • Complete tasks from PM or TL within the estimated time;
  • Participate in the SCRUM process;
  • Participate in project development;
  • Perform technical research;
  • Keep technical documentation of the project;
  • Prepare reports;
  • Communicate with customers;
  • Work on improvements of the current project.


A friendly team of professionals:

  • Strong technical specialists who are ready to help solve problems.

Professional development:

  • Financial and 1-to-1 meetings to discuss development plans;
  • Individual Development Plan;
  • Paid conferences and certifications;
  • Lectures and other events where senior specialists share their knowledge with junior and middle specialists;
  • Knowledge Bases with useful information for development.

Vertical development:

  • Opportunity to grow and become a coordinator and a Technology Lead further.

Improving the English language:

  • English courses.

Work-life advantages:

  • Flexible working hours;
  • Opportunity to work remotely with necessary hardware and furniture provided by the company anywhere in Ukraine;
  • 24 calendar days of vacation per year and paid sick leaves;
  • Financial support and gifts for important events.

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