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Course Academy in Dover helps marine operators meet the stringent safety standards, reduce accident rates, and saves lives through extensive training. The academy strives to become recognised as the standard bearer for marine industry and fire safety training. With a team of expert trainers and state-of-the-art facilities, CA takes on the challenges of the demanding industry.

An outdated website was the only lacking aspect of the client’s business model. Poor performance and no online payment options resulted in inferior user experience and business losses. The CA leadership turned to Computools for design and development expertise. Our team created the new mobile-responsive online platform with user-oriented features and multiple integrated payment options.

An outdated, slow website with a cumbersome architecture

Minimal feature set and zero online payment capabilities

Poor user experience and interface design for mobile devices

World-class training centre suitable for delegates from around the world

Meeting the requirements of Coastguard Agency, MNTB and international standards

Courses for all maritime niches, from cruise industry to shipping and construction

Digital Transformation Initialization

Project Manager
Team Lead
Project Coordinator
Tech Lead

Using regular Skype calls and email reports, we established an efficient two-way communication crucial for the success of client’s digital transformation. Computools task management platform coupled with a well-documented development process enabled the client to track the project’s progress. The established communication framework ensured the client could introduce new requirements and have them implemented within the project's tight timeframe.

Business Process Mapping


In a strategic meeting with the client, we charted and analyzed existing processes. Together we determined the website’s bottlenecks be removed. We also identified the strongest features to be transferred to the new online platform.


With the client’s requirements in mind, the Computools team mapped the new website’s user flow. An intuitive, user- friendly online platform combined the best features of its predecessor with online payment capabilities, increased speed, security, and performance.


Equipped with the client’s requirements and solution modeling results, the Computools team created a detailed yet flexible development plan. This roadmap enabled our developers to proceed with the first stages of project implementation.

Digital Platform & Technology

Project Manager
Team Lead
Software Engineer
Project Coordinator
Tech Lead

Computools software engineers suggested the use of WordPress CMS in view of its easy and quick setup, high performance, and tight security. With the WooCommerce plugin, the client’s website turned into a seamless and flexible platform for course registration and multiple payment options for customers.


Considering the interoperability, versatility, and functionality of JavaScript, the Computools team selected it for frontend development. This choice resulted in rich interfaces, outstanding loading speed, and reduced server load. Without the need to compile on the client's side, JavaScript accelerated the development pace.


The Computools team suggested jQuery library, as it is lightweight compared to other JavaScript frameworks. Considering its CSS syntax, jQuery enables designers to create unique interfaces. Moreover, the jQuery developer community offers multiple plugins to suit custom needs, making it a perfect fit for the online course academy.

PHP 7.1

PHP was selected for the project’s backend to ensure stable operation and minimum downtime. This server-side scripting language enables high performance critical for a seamless user experience. With cross-platform functionality and an immense library of extensions and modules, PHP upholds the rapid pace of development.


This open-source SQL database ensures security and provides on-demand scalability for high-volume websites and business-critical systems. High performance and uninterrupted uptime make it a sound solution for the client’s website with a course catalogue.

Bootstrap 4

The latest version of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework unlocks the potential of mobile-first websites. Bootstrap 4 enabled the Computools software engineers to quickly prototype and build the client’s website using an extensive library of pre-built components, a responsive grid system, and a variety of jQuery plugins.


Using a behaviour-driven development approach, Computools team created a detailed system requirements specification based on the user stories and the business process map.

Search for courses by: Keyword search (as you start typing the courses start appearing) or filter by category. Categories are as follows: Course Academy STCW 5 Part Basic Safety Sea Survival & Lifeboat Updating/Refresher People and Leadership Management Security Superyacht Essential Training Fire and BA Courses Radio Communications Medical Courses Marlins English Testing Shore side Courses Commercial Fire Fighting HSE Fire Courses HSE Medical Courses Within each category are the individual course listings.


Upon screening its in-house talent pool, Computools selected software engineers experienced in WordPress, PHP, and JavaScript. Their expertise enabled rapid development pace and quick results.

Team Lead
Daria Holowan
Project Manager
Nikita Abelmasov
Denis Dubinsky
Software Engineer
Vladislav Kirichenko
Software Engineer
Timur Panchenko


To keep the Computolls engineers in sync and establish a brisk MVP development pace, the team upholds the routine of regular meetings. Brainstorming session laid the foundation of the project, while whiteboard and dev meetings ensured seamless creative cooperation and outstanding results.

Feedback Session
Ideal for visual thinkers and analytical minds, whiteboard meetings allow the team members to chart the project’s progress and identify the problem areas before they have a chance to slow down or halt the progress of development.
Inspired by the client’s bold vision of revolutionizing the food supply chain, Computools engineers put their minds together to devise the optimal development strategy and approach. Their brainstorming sessions are held without laptops, phones, and criticism.
Dev Meeting
Regular dev meetings increased the team’s productivity through combining the engineers’ experience to solve the occurring issues. The developers could flexibly adapt to the client’s changing MVP requirements, factoring them in during the discussions with all members of the distributed team.

Internal Communication Flow

Computools team suggested Jira as the primary task assignment and progress tracking tool and as a part of an efficient project management approach. Regular video and audio conferences with the client’s team ensured all challenges were addressed in good time. Skype calls helped solve urgent matters, while Email was used for reports and tasks sharing.

Project Management Methodology

Scrum project management methodology with 2-week sprints ensured continuous delivery and fast-paced development. Through a close cooperation with the client, the Computools team suggested innovative solutions and received new requirements. The team finalized every sprint with testing and the demonstration of newly implemented features.


1 week
2 weeks
3 months
Defining Scope
  • Customer’s Business Process Analysis
  • Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Setting Goals
Digital Transformation Initialization
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Interactive Prototype Creation
  • Digital Platform & Technology Selection
  • Defining Specification, Tasks & Deadlines
Project Management Flow
  • Expertise-based talent evaluation and team formation
  • Establishing Internal Communication Flow
  • Choosing Project Management Methodology
Development Flow
  • Selecting Development Methodology
  • Environment Setting
  • Tasks Assignment
Application Build
  • Code Creating & Refactoring
  • Testing & Fixing
Application Launch
  • Deploy & Delivery


Computools team implemented the reliable continuous integration and delivery system and established a version control system. User stories and use cases established in an SRS were used to perform automated integration testing. Team Lead participated in code reviews and helped refactor it to achieve stable release. This approach enabled rapid development pace and successful project implementation within the client’s deadline and budget constraints.

Team Lead
Software Engineer
Project Coordinator
Operations Manager
Chief Technical Officer


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Based on our expertise with user experience design and mobile-first development, the Computools team delivered high performance, streamlined online platform. The Digital Transformation of the business processes met the client’s objectives:

0 hours
Website Downtime after Final Launch
0 days
Exceeding Deadlines
Exceeding Budget
3 months
Digital Transformation Time


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