Fault Drifter

A US software company that is specified in developing small mobile games.


Game Development


Internet & Direct Marketing Retail


Close cooperation with the customer allowed Computools to more accurately understand the needs and requirements of the project. By the Clients request real-time light and custom physics were integrated into a project. As a result, the project was carried out in high quality and all goals were achieved. Using this project client showed that he has digital expertise and got support from his partners. It also made possible to start Viewz Ads SDK marketing tools implementation.

Several key options we solved:

  • Integrated real-time light.
  • Integrated custom physics.
  • Created a scalable 3D game environment.

+ 67%
Throughput, Users
+ 53%
Average Order
Increasing Productivity
+ 52%
Increasing Revenue
- 40%
Reducing Costs
Business Process Automation


Hyphe Threading Inc. is a US software company that is specified in developing small mobile games. To create a new gaming application, the company turned to Computools. The main goal of the project is to create VR optimized 3D endless runner with non standard controls that supports real-time light and physics inside wheelbarrow. During the discussion of the project, additional objectives and tasks were also identified. The finished product has a simple principle: the player collects multi-colored crystals, avoiding monsters. Crystals can be used to get bonuses inside the game. In the event of the death of a player’s character, he has the opportunity to recover by watching the built-in ads. The game is supported on: Desktop (Windows, Mac), Mobile (iOS, Android) and VR (Microsoft Virtual Reality, Google Cardboard).

Complex reward system for the user

Different monetization options for different platform

Some platforms were landscape, some - portrait mode

Research in brand new tech “features” of the app

Strong logistic

Unsharp theme

Communication Framework

Business Analyst
Team Lead
Project Manager
Business Development Manager
Viewz Marketing Inc
Chief Product Owner

Computools managers strive from the very beginning to build a convenient and reliable communication system. This allows to quickly resolve issues and maintain constant communication. In this project, communication was initially conducted on the Upwork portal, and later Skype was picked for communication. Correspondence and conferences were conducted through this messenger. In the future, partners exchanged phone numbers to solve urgent issues.

Business Process Mapping


Work on the project begins with research. We define the main objectives of the project and stakeholders. Next, we analyze the initial data and ready-made solutions. We strive to discover obvious and hidden risks, identify and take into account all the requirements.


At this stage, we build a high-level architecture of the project and create an interactive prototype. In the process, a project specification is written, which may consist of several blocks. We also select the methodology for the project and form process configuration.


At this stage, team formation takes place. We determine the number of needed specialists and select executers according to their qualifications and skills. The development process is carried out according to the chosen methodology. A mandatory step is testing, manual and automatic. After stabilization of the finished product, it is launched.

Business Process mapping was performed in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards followed by Computools on all projects.

Interactive Prototype

The interactive prototype is a clickable test version of the finished product. Such a prototype allows to study the basic functions of a future application, identify the need to add other options or remove superfluous ones. This is not a working application, but only a demo basis for discussion. After a detailed study of the prototype, identification of additional tasks and specification of the already set, the team proceeds to the main development.

Team Lead
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Business Development Manager
Viewz Marketing Inc
Chief Product Owner

Digital Platform & Technology

The technology stack for each project is determined individually based on the tasks and the necessary functionality of the application. First, ready-made solutions are studied, both available on the market and internally developed ones. If necessary, developers create new solutions for the implementation of the task.

Business Analyst
Team Lead
Project Manager
Business Development Manager
Viewz Marketing Inc
Chief Product Owner

Unity3D is one of the most powerful cross-platform 3D engines around. It allows to easily create 3D games and apps which would run on a large number of gadgets. This is one of the biggest advantages of using Unity3D. The games you make can be rendered to be used on over 25 platforms across mobile, console, desktop, TV, AR, VR and the Web. Unity3D has a powerful easy-to-use editor which is a complete package in itself. It is loaded with features and is highly flexible. It has a Play Mode which is the best tool that can be used for rapid iterative editing.


C# is a modern object-oriented programming language. It is a general-purpose language designed for developing apps on the Microsoft platform and requires the .NET framework on Windows to work. C# can be used to create almost anything but is particularly strong at building Windows desktop applications and games. C# can also be used to develop web applications and has become increasingly popular for mobile development too. Cross-platform tools such as Xamarin allow apps written in C# to be used on almost any mobile device.

Google Cardboard

Cardboard is Google’s virtual reality standard that is widely used by mobile game users. It does not have high demands on developed applications, offering three main sets of tools for creating and functioning virtual reality applications. The use of cardboard in this project was necessary for the greater reach of the audience.

Microsoft Mixed Reality

Microsoft’s unique combination of VR and AR that was designed to immerse more users in the digital experience with lower-priced and easier-to-drive headsets. Developing an application based on this platform expands its capabilities and allows its use on various specialized devices.

System architecture


A project specification is created at the design and interactive prototyping stages. The functionality of the application is described in detail, but not redundantly; acceptance criteria and restrictions imposed on them are also mandatory. Loading speed, security and other important criteria for evaluating the finished product are also indicated.

Goal - Create VR optimized runner with non standard controls + support realtime light and physics inside wheelbarrow.
Precondition Open game, start to play, do not collide with any obstacles or monsters. You can collect mushrooms and different by color crystals. Can spend blue crystal to boost your speed for a short time.
Main Flow Open your game Collect crystals
Postconditions Update your wheelbarrow and collect more crystals, buy shield packages and boost packs. Alternative Flows 1. You die in game -> watch ads, or use IAP 2. You update your wheelbarrow and collect more crystals


Building a team is one of the key stages of a project. The first step is to determine the number of specialists needed to complete the tasks of the project. Then the selection takes place according to two main criteria: the level of knowledge and expertise and the necessary skills and experience. Selected specialists are formed into a team, tasks are distributed between them and each one proceeds with the execution.

Project Manager
Viktoria Ruban
Team Lead
Nikolay Smorgun
3D Artist
Alexey Starodub
Business Analyst
Nikita Abelmasov
3D Designer
Alexander Sosin
Business Development Manager
Kirill Gorokhov
Andrew Mylyi
Roman Pakhomov
Vitaliy Kononenko


The development process always takes place in an atmosphere of friendly discussion of ideas and the realization of challenges. Inside the team, meetings at the whiteboard and dex meetings are held, at which engineers have an opportunity to exchange experience and ideas.

Dev meetings
Developer's meetings are another effective way to increase team productivity, exchange opinions and find solutions to complex problems. Moreover, at these meetings, the team can identify minor errors and bugs.
Team Brainstorming
Thanks to brainstorming, the most innovative ideas appear, both increasing productivity and solving project tasks. Each participant can express even the most unusual and crazy ideas. This allows for choosing the best one.
Getting feedback on completed tasks is also an integral part of development. This allows the team to identify strengths and weaknesses and increase efficiency. Feedback sessions are usually held after the end of a big part of the work and at the end of the project.

Internal Communication Flow

Trello was chosen by the Project Manager to manage the project, distribute tasks and control their implementation. This is an easy way to constantly monitor the status of the project and timely identify downtime and eliminate them. The internal communication of the team was held via Skype, in a working chat urgent tasks were discussed and emerging issues were resolved. Moreover, the team met on face-to-face scrum meetings.

Project Management Methodology

Scrum was chosen as the project methodology, as the most optimal way to meet the deadlines. Scrum emphasizes decision making from real-world results rather than speculation. Time is divided into short work cadences, known as sprints, typically one week or two weeks long. The product is kept in a potentially shippable (properly integrated and tested) state at all times. At the end of each sprint, stakeholders and team members meet to see a demonstrated potentially shippable product increment and plan its next steps. The great thing about scrum is that it’s adaptable. Scrum is a simple set of roles, responsibilities, and meetings that never change. By removing unnecessary unpredictability, we’re better able to cope with the necessary unpredictability of continuous discovery and learning. Scrum is about collaborating and communicating both with the people who are doing the work and the people who need the work done. It’s about delivering often and responding to feedback, increasing business value by ensuring that customers get what they actually want.


1 week
2 weeks
3 months
Defining goals
  • Identifying high-level project goals
Analysis & Exploration
  • Researching and analyzing the existing and ready-made solutions
  • Defining main restrictions and providing solutions for them
  • Identifying the main risks
High-Level Architecture
  • Selecting basic architectural patterns and tools
  • Forming an application stack, work processes with VCS
  • Forming the main development guidelines
Interactive Prototypes & Specification
  • Building a specification of the project and interactive prototype
  • Forming Definition of Done
Build Development Process
  • Choosing project methodology, calculating the number of project teams, forming process configuration
  • Configuring the technological processes and interactions between roles.
Build The Team
  • Calculating the optimal number of specialists for each role
  • Selecting and adding executors to the team's core
  • Conducting meeting
  • Custom Runner Implementation
  • Research and integrate custom Physics and light
  • Transfer on Desktop VR
  • Transfer on Cardboard and delivery
Testing & Stabilization
  • Developing a testing plan
  • Testing following a test case
  • Applying improvements
  • Code stabilization/refactoring, increasing system stability, reducing the probability of bug emergency and speed up development


We develop the architecture of the product to build a solid design, to ensure the functions' flexibility and their harmonious interaction.

Project Manager
3D Designer
UX Designer
Viewz Marketing Inc
Chief Product Owner


The code development process was divided into short periods - sprints since Scrum was chosen as a methodology for this project. This allowed us to constantly test the finished part of the code, which increased the quality of the finished product and saved time. In code we use render profile for render check. Physics provide performance with a lot of problems. But we solved them. Due to the use of the Scrum methodology, the development of the code was carried out continuously, dividing only into short sprints. In code we use render profile for render check. Physics provide to performance a lot of problems. But we solve them.


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Implementation On Client’s Side

01 Launch

Before launching the application, all additional tests were conducted. A compliance test was also performed on marketing platforms where the finished application will be hosted. After obtaining approval from marketing platforms, the application was launched.

02 Transfer

Application development was conducted on a secure internal server, which provided additional security and allowed testing. After the development of the application was completed, all data was transferred to the client’s servers and additionally tested for performance.

03 Education

The customer and his employees did not need training or tutorials on the finished application. The developers conducted a demonstration of the capabilities of the application, showed its main functions and options. Continuous maintenance of the application was also offered.

What our client said

Lewis McClam
CEO of Viewz Marketing Inc.

«The chosen format of cooperation made it possible to achieve all the goals of the project on time. The high professionalism and level of expertise of the Computools team have become a key factor in the tasks' implementation. »

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