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Homing park

A web platform that allows you to organize a vacation at a campsite or rent a car for two days or more. Homing Park provides its territory, rental equipment, and barbecues





Business size:



Homing park has been live for almost 3 years now. For that time being, the platform gained good traction of users and helped owners to simplify the booking process and gain exposure all over the UK.



  • Tight deadlines
  • Work through an intermediary


  • A fairly easy project with a clear functionality and tech stack
  • No analysts required for the project


Our task was to create a simple website on WordPress where we had to focus on design layouts, build pages in HTML & CSS, and integrate all of this into the content management system.

We scoped out the plan for development with a few milestones, a quick timeline, and required deliverables.

As the scope of work was finished and approved by the client, we proceeded to the work and managed to finish it in one month.

Although WordPress development is relatively easy, it trails some pitfalls that require some technical knowledge. Therefore, a great number of efforts were aimed at customization, data security, and responsiveness.

Digital Platform & Technology

Based on the goals and specifications of the project, we have stopped on reliable technologies that ensure smooth implementation of different functionality:

Communication Framework

Different channels for communication were used to address different issues:



Based on the provided design layouts, we had to develop pages in HTML and CSS allowing end-users to easily book services and surf through the website.

Main flow

User visits a website and can
  • View park facilities
  • Use a call option to book a service
  • See pricing
  • View park map
  • Leave a review
  • Read a blog


Computools assembled a team with strict expertise in required technologies.


Although the project didn`t require intensive coordination between different team members, Computools always encourages meetings that keep everyone on the same page in the development process.

Whiteboard meeting

Either at the beginning of a project or in the middle of the development process, our engineers can gather together and discuss the scope of work, set priorities, and see the whole picture of the project.


Brainstorming sessions are organized when designers or developers need to discuss challenges in their work and find a practical solution.

Dev meeting

Depending on the project management methodology, developers come together to report on the overall progress, what part of work was done, challenges, and other aspects of the project.

Internal Communication Flow

To better track the progression of the project and ensure clear task management, we diversified our internal communication flow.

We used internal Redmine tracker and Jira for the project and task management, Skype for team meetings, and Slack, Email for communication with the client.

Project Management Methodology

Both sides agreed to work on the fixed price model due to the simple functionality of the project and no necessity to change anything globally in the future. It also made sense to work on such a model since the development time wasn`t expected to exceed 1 month.

Project timeline



  • Estimating the scope of the project
  • Planning and Requirement Analysis
  • Identification of various technical approaches that can be used to successfully implement the project with minimal risk.

Product DESIGN

  • Shaping the vision of product development
  • Software Requirement Specification
  • Allocating an optimal number of developers.

Product Engineering

  • Into meeting between the team and the client
  • Analyzing specification and documentation
  • Work in accordance with the previously defined requirements.
  • Regular meetings to keep the client updated
  • Testing, bug fixes, and improving the product
  • Transfer of project to the client.

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