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Larc Test

Larc test is a website where users can rent a horse for racing or book health check-ups to improve the performance of their horses




Consumer Services

Business size:

Small Business


Our implemented features helped to extend the functionality of the website and gain a considerable amount of users who now can take advantage of the product.

That enabled our client to boost their brand loyalty, increase revenue, and the average order of services.



  • Work through an intermediary
  • A large number of user roles to be implemented


  • Clear specification
  • Excellent communication with the client`s team
  • Flexible deadlines


Our engineers were set to add functionality to the already existing website. Different accesses and roles needed to be developed for the platform, which included a dedicated page for users, distributors, veterinarians, functionality for admin panel, and pages where users can gather information about the horse health and performance status. A payment and charging models also needed to be implemented.

Digital Platform & Technology

Considering the functionality our team had to develop for the product, we chose the following stack of technologies:

Communication Framework

To ensure clear communication with another team, we diversified our channels of communication which included:
microsoft teams



Add key user roles for the platform and the relationships between them; add required functionality based on the users` roles; add registration forms and dedicated pages where different users can get access to their info about horses.

Main flow

Developing registration forms for different users: When a user registers, they input all basic profile details. This is enough to be registered as a regular user, however, users have the option to claim other roles - Vet, Commercial, etc. Each of these roles has additional fields on top of the regular user ones. Veterinarians and users input more information on registration as they need to prove their competency.

Vet centers, vet rehab centers, and resellers register as a distributor. These are people or companies that will sell Larctest packages. Distributors require to be approved by an Admin.

Developing an access option for different users.

Implementing credits charging model for different users.


Having carefully studied the requirements for the project, we chose engineers with the relevant experience and with the ability to meet the deadlines.


To ensure coordination between different team members, we always encourage whiteboard meetings, brainstorming, and developer meetings. It drastically improves performance and work environment.

Whiteboard meeting

Although whiteboard meetings are mainly organized for big projects, we can use it for small projects to make sure every team member can explain his perspective on a project more fluently and clearly.


In case of bugs, urgent issues, or simply to get some assistance in solving a problem, our team gathers together and tries to find a viable solution.

Dev meeting

At the end of each week, our developers join the meeting to discuss what part of the job was done, what challenges they faced, and what the goals are for the upcoming week.

Internal Communication Flow

Communication is paramount for any project. Therefore, we have diversified our communication channels with the internal and client team.

Jira was used for task management, Slack was used for announcements and scheduling, and Email for documents sharing.

Project Management Methodology

Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams, and organizations create value through adaptive solutions to complex problems.

We chose this methodology as it is great when we don't know what our product will be yet and can't predict the exact outcome. It also can be good for a startup and when we need to improve an existing product.

Project timeline



  • Analyzing requirements for the project
  • Calculating project`s scope, resources, deadlines
  • Risks management
  • Creating project`s plan, mind map, and user stories

Product DESIGN

  • Defining development tools and architecture
  • Forming development guidelines
  • Forming specification requirements
  • “Definition of done” development
  • Defining the optimal number of developers

Product Engineering

  • Forming a team for the project
  • Meeting with the developers and client
  • Analyzing specification and documentation
  • Working within the set management framework
  • Following up with the client regarding the implemented features and possible fixes
  • Developing a testing plan and improving the product
  • Final testing and launch

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