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Web-based application for baggage tracking with the help of barcode scanning





Business size:



Airbus had a very outdated method of monitoring the logistics for the CDC (Customer Definition Centre).

We have developed a modern, secure method of keeping track of parts and items that are moved between the CDC and warehouse.



  • The timeline for production could extend
  • Strict warranty policies that required great attention
  • A slow version of the initial app


  • No analytics was necessary
  • UX on the client-side
  • Clear project scope and functional specification
  • Straightforward concept of the application


An application was intended and developed for Airbus employees to facilitate logistics activities at the Airbus factory in Hamburg. The application is aimed at logistics personnel to keep track of goods and items coming in and out of the CDC and warehouse. The app scans QR codes to either show the related information about the item or prompt the user to enter the information related to the item.

Digital Platform & Technology

All the technical considerations were provided by the client. To better align with the business model, ensure flexibility and efficiency, we decided to stop on the following technologies:

Communication Framework

Based on the client`s requirements, we diversified our communication tools to ensure clear and effective task flow, documentation sharing, team meetings, etc.


The specification is always required to enable a clear understanding of architecture, business objectives, overall goals of the product, design, features, and list goes on.

The goal of the project was to create a web-based logistics application, implement a functional and operational desktop version, and develop a native android application that will allow users to track information about items as they are transferred through the manufacturing plant.

The next phase of development involved extending the functionality of the application to read/write information from/to all tables in the database.

Our task was to ensure the workability of the application, eliminate bugs, ensure testing, support, compatibility with multiple devices, and push updates when needed. All information entered via the application is stored on a local database, and manually transferred to a larger database on a local machine.


For each project, we select a tech and design team with relevant experience and a sharp skill set in the required technologies.


To ensure great team spirit and smooth work coordination between different members of the project we always aim to conduct meetings, brainstorming sessions where everyone is welcome to share his perspective on the project and how to make it better.

Whiteboard Meeting

Although whiteboard meetings are out fashioned in many companies, we always try to keep this tradition as it allows us to better see the scope of the project.


Whether it`s a bug or design concept, our team gathers together and everyone is welcome to share his/her thoughts on what would be the most doable solution.

Dev Meeting

After each spring or video session with a client, our developers show what was done for the past 2 weeks, what challenges did they have, and how they fixed them. This way, the client and the tech team are on the same page, which ensures the smooth progression of the project.

Internal Communication Flow

We used Jira for task tracking - as it is a golden standard for the IT industry - and supplemented it with other communication tools like email, teamwork, and bitbucket.

Project Management Methodology

Scrum is one of the most popular methodologies for software development.

Scrum has quite attractive advantages. The ideology of Scrum argues that it is impossible to foresee all the changes in advance, so there is no point in pre-planning the entire project. Therefore, Scrum is client-oriented, adaptive, and gives the client the ability to make changes to the requirements at any time.

Project timeline



  • Statement of Work
  • Costs and payment schedule
  • Access to Producer’s project management software
  • Defining project schedule
  • Functional and Technical Specification

Product DESIGN

  • Building a team for the project
  • Intro meeting with the team and the client
  • Incremental versions of the working prototype
  • Full and continuous project source code via Git platform
  • Technical architecture development
  • Final release build
  • Building a team for the project

Product Engineering

  • Giving access to code for review, testing & feedback
  • Fixing bugs and other issues based on feedback
  • Transferring code to the client`s Git
  • Final launch


The product architecture plays a key role in developing it from scratch and when working on an upgrade. Computools' integrated approach includes the development of the architecture for the project, which allows taking into account not only functional features but also their interaction.

On Client’s Side



We were ahead of time and delivered the project meeting all the deadlines. To make sure the application is functional and bug-free we run multiple QA sessions and used the client`s feedback with arising issues.



At the first stages, we worked in our git, and then the client shared access to their repository.



No post-education was required apart from access to the specific technical services of the project, specifications, and configurations for testing and live environments.

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