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Shade It

Artificial reality visualization studio


Virtual & Augmented Reality / Mobile development


Automotive retail

Business size:



While working on the project, the Computools's team implemented agreed and custom-designed solutions to successfully achieve the client's business goals. The clients' consumers high appreciated the new app's capabilities and exciting experience.

Several key options we solved:

  • Implemented convenient options for image transformations.
  • Added special custom shaders for text manipulations.
  • Supplemented shaders with reflections by Fresnel equations



  • Text limitations
  • Strict color limitation for car paint
  • Tight schedule


  • Building a personalization custom workshop
  • Developing an app with output result - special manufacturing map - for painting machines
  • App testing by selected focus groups


The client turned to Copmutools with the idea of real-time paint and text shader for cars to allow their customers to personalize their vehicles. After deep analysis, Computools's engineers offered a reliable and modern AR solution.

The company built a shader for cars based on Vuforia. Using the shader customers can add any count of images to the car surface (like Photoshop layers only in 3d), then apply filters to each image layer in real-time! Images can be sorted by layer index and transformed by Move, Rotate, Scale option. Also, special custom shaders for Text manipulations on the surface were implemented in this project. The shaders were supplemented with reflections by Fresnel equations.

Digital Platform & Technology

The choice of technologies was subordinated to the project’s main goal: creating a unique augmented reality experience for the user.

Communication Framework

The communicative ecosystem of the project is built from the first day of communication. Skype was chosen as the main communication channel, as it provides the necessary efficiency and allows scheduled meetings and calls.



  • Getting more clients interested in car personalization
  • Precondition
  • Open application
  • Look through the camera on a printed marker
  • Main Flow
  • Load Images and manipulate through UI
  • Postconditions
  • Save Projects.


Whiteboard Meeting

Whiteboard meetings help the team to focus on key tasks, it is a more convenient and practical way to distribute responsibilities and exchange views on various issues.


Brainstorming frees the minds of developers and allows them to find a truly unique and effective solution. There are no restrictions here, this is a zone of pure creativity.

Dev Meeting

At dev meetings, technical issues of the project are resolved, recent decisions and test results are discussed. This is a good way to keep the team in sync and keep the project moving forward.

Internal Communication Flow

Internal communication on the project consisted of several communication channels. Skype was used to keep in touch and there were also face-to-face Scrum meetings. Jira was chosen as a project management tool due to the convenience and good visualization of the tasks.

Project Management Methodology

To accelerate and maintain productivity on the project, Scrum was chosen as a methodology. Scrum is one of the most popular methods of the Agile approach that has repeatedly proven its effectiveness, especially while working on projects where the result is needed in a short time. Continuous testing and verification of the results lead to high efficiency and performance of the application.

Project timeline



  • Online meetings with the client to understand project scope and gather information
  • Analyze business processes, study competitors, give recommendations
  • Create a project proposal and get approval from the client
  • Identify risks
  • Gather assets from client to utilize in the project

Product DESIGN

  • Website specification (budget, deadlines, or technical restraints)
  • Defining tools for architecture and patterns
  • Defining the technological stack
  • Creating guidelines for design and development
  • Choosing a project management methodology
  • Outlining a development process
  • Calculating the number of needed project teams
  • Configuring the technological processes and interactions between roles

Product Engineering

  • Pre-phase
  • Setting up the optimal development team
  • Assigning Project managers and Team leaders
  • Online meetings with the whole team
  • Defining the roadmap and project management methodology
  • Design and code development
  • Testing & Stabilization
  • UI testing
  • Review feedback from target audience and client
  • Ensure compatibility across multiple screen sizes and web browsers
  • Enable continuous support of functions according to the client’s specifications


Project architecture is crucial to building a robust, ergonomic design. The team pays special attention to the development of the product's functional elements and the ways these elements interact.

On Client’s Side



Before launching the application, a series of tests was carried out, which confirmed the stable operation and full functionality of the application.



The transfer to the client's server was carried out in compliance with all safety requirements and at the end of the process, an additional check was carried out.



There have been no requests from the client to create educational videos or additional guides for the user, but the Computools team is always ready to provide the necessary materials.

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