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Personal training manager for training in shooting. The service is designed for gun owners, athletes and simply shooters




Media & Intertainment

Business size:

Small Business


The client got a brand spanking new app with an engaging design, user-friendly interface, and fast loading time. It quickly started gaining popularity among its narrow target audience.



  • Short deadlines
  • Outdated design of the original version


  • Little competition in the field
  • Deep understanding of the target audience
  • High level of data security


ShootClub is a unique mobile app for shooting enthusiasts. It combines a personal shooting training manager with analytics and statistics. Its main goal is to simplify the development of your shooting skills and track the dynamics of your achievements.

The ShootClub app contains two training sections: Dry Training and Shooting Training. It gives the user the ability to create different types of exercises, systematize them, and track performance.

The app's audience is actual gun owners, athletes, and shooters. In addition, the application provides access to live shooting contests, creates shooters' profiles, tracks their performance, and analyzes the history of competitions.

Digital Platform & Technology

Digital platforms and project technologies are determined by the tasks that need to be performed and the functions that should be in the finished product. Large-scale projects require an integrated approach and many solutions. We are always ready to satisfy all requirements.

Communication Framework

The company feels very responsible for building effective communication with the client, so it often chooses those channels that are available to the client and at the same time allow to communicate continuously when needed, exchange files, to conduct audio and video conferences. When developing this product for communication with the client, we used



Developers were challenged to re-create the app with an up-to-date interface and fast loading times. The users should intuitively understand how to sign up, create or track communities, and set up workouts. Basically, the app had to function as a social network but focused on a narrow area of interest.

Main flow:

We discussed the main objectives with the customer and then developed requirements for functionality, performance, and other application attributes. After that, we assembled a team of specialists who were experienced with similar applications on multiple occasions. Finally, the team began development within the agreed time frame.

Our main task was to create a user-friendly application, fix all the bugs, test it and launch it.



No matter how well thought out and calculated the development process of any project, the team has to adjust to different circumstances. For this purpose, meetings and sessions are held in various formats. They address immediate and theoretical challenges and risks associated with application development and deployment.

Whiteboard Meeting

A proven tool for visualizing current issues and questions in a way that takes minimal time and allows for quick resolution through team involvement.


A method used by the Computools team in several cases: planning risks and facing unexpected difficulties.

Dev Meeting

Meetings are held on an ongoing basis to keep developers engaged, track changes, and stay in touch with the customer.

Internal Communication Flow

The company's internal communication is set up perfectly and works like a clock. Our developers use such communication channels as: Slack, Trello, Jira.

Project Management Methodology

We used the Waterfall method as a management technique for this project. To progress using the Waterfall, one must have clear terms of reference and understand the steps. Thus, We agreed upon the terms of reference for the ShootClub; the team sketched the design, created the layout, wrote the code, tested the app. After the job was done, the team performed the launch.

Project timeline



  • Primary Client meeting
  • Definition of the final goals and objectives of the project
  • Analysis of existing competition
  • Selection of existing solutions
  • Definition of risks

Product DESIGN

  • Selection of the technology stack
  • Assignment of responsible parties
  • Creation of development plan and milestones
  • Prototyping

Product Engineering

  • Assigning a team to processes according to the expertise of the members
  • Conducting introductory meeting
  • Implementation of reporting
  • Revisions and bug fixes
  • Application testing
  • Design testing


Design influences many, if not all, aspects of an application, which ultimately affects the quality of the product being developed. For this reason, the team maintained a close interaction between developers and designers.

User persona → Site map → Wireframes → user interface

User persona

Designing a product based on worked out user personas who are going to use a product or interact with a brand.

Site map

Logically structuring pages and their content within a domain.


Creating a prototype for a product, presenting future layout of different interface elements and their interaction: navigational systems, search forms, news feeds, and other components.

user interface

Designing product’s interface and accomplishing final steps to move a product to the development stage.

What our
client said

“We are glad to choose this development team, as we were not happy with the previous result. This time we got an outstanding design of our application, user-friendly interface. We knew very well what our target audience wanted; the developers thoroughly listened to our wishes and suggestions, which led to a productive result. Downloads are growing; the stickiness rating is increasing.”

Director of Technology

at ShootClub

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