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An application for iOS and Android that offer users an opportunity to choose a guide in any city





Business size:



In a fairly short span of time, we managed to integrate all the required functions, perform code reformatting, and optimize some queries. All of that boosted our client`s business indicators.



  • Low time for production
  • Previous code optimization


  • A great number of features is easy to implement
  • Clear documentation


Our client hired us to implement some features for their travel application. This app allows users to find a guide in a city or sign up as a guide instead. Guides offer their options for trips, routes. Users can check cafes, attractions, hotels in the city they want to visit. It is also possible to check the weather in the city through the application. All information can be downloaded to the local cache on the phone to access it without an Internet connection. In a web resource and a mobile application, all communication is conducted via an integrated chat.

Digital Platform & Technology

To carefully integrate all the set functions, we have stopped on the following technologies:

Communication Framework

Considering project scope, we`ve stopped on the following methods of communication



Implement core features that were required for successful travel application and optimize existing code.

Main flow

  • Add message notifications and perform code reformat
  • Add image/file upload and download, integrate Google maps
  • Complete pagination + optimisation
  • Completed TripList, optimized code, fixe GraphQl queries
  • Trigger native events on Navigation, Dialer, Website
  • Pull reviews from google review, save them to DB, store it in the app


Based on the client`s requirement, we have assembled specialists with the required stack of technologies and relevant expertise.


Whether it`s a small or a big project, we always encourage communications to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Whiteboard meeting

Whiteboard meetings at Computools help to maintain team spirit and pay attention to the smallest details of each project.


Should any challenges arise, we always gather together and express our thoughts on possible ways to solve those issues.

Dev meeting

Dev meeting is an integral part of our development process where our engineers discuss deadlines, challenges, and the state of the development process. Our project managers track the progression of the project and monitor the burn-out of the team.

Internal Communication Flow

To better control the overall development processes with our client, we decided to use Assembla and Asana as the main tool for task tracking. Skype and Slack were used to address any queries.

Project Management Methodology

As most of the features were easy to develop and integrate into the existing application, time and material methodology was chosen as the most suitable option.

Tasks were distributed according to the workload and qualifications of the specialists, and time limits are set for the specialist to meet. At the end of the month, a full report was made about what was done and in what time frame.

Project timeline



  • Defining goals of the project
  • Exploring expectations of stakeholders
  • Building a list of roles
  • Consulting the client about how our technologies and expertise can solve certain tasks
  • Sharing our vision about the risks
  • Creating User stories, roles, and cases

Product DESIGN

  • Developing a list of tools, technologies, architectural patterns, application stack
  • Development guidelines, forming development process, teams, and configuration

Product Engineering

  • Working on tasks based on project management methodology
  • Testing plan development
  • Bug fixes
  • Code stabilization
  • Improving product`s components
  • Gathering data for analysis

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