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WeClip is a web-service which gives users the possibility to distribute their videos on numerous social networks just in one-click




Media & entertainment

Business size:



Our client was very satisfied with the delivered software for video distribution as it brought him a 100000+ audience and increased income. At the same time, users received a very convenient web-service where they can upload different videos and automatically publish them on various resources.

Thanks to introduced registration and notification systems, they can communicate with other members, send them different videos and invitations. A cool design system allows selecting the own style of channel, desired color scheme, and logo.



  • Wide amount of functionalities to be implemented
  • Technical constraints


  • Nurtured business idea
  • Reasonable timeframe of the project
  • Reliable technologies that are easy to implement
  • Understanding of a target audience


Our team was set to develop the web-platform which allows adding videos and publishing them on various social media networks. The client's primary goal was to introduce the possibilities of searching and storing videos in the library, filtering them by different parameters, and using other important functionality for video editing. Users should be able to edit video descriptions, add bumpers and place watermarks, select thumbnails from the available variants,auto-publish videos setting the data and time, choose the custom styles, upload new videos or cut parts from the existing ones.

Users should be able to connect the multiple channels and transfer videos from one channel to another.

Finally, it was necessary to develop a notification system for sending notifications to other users.

Digital Platform & Technology

HTML5 is an integral language for web development. It was designed for writing web applications and gives developers more flexibility in website design, allowing them to:
  • Extend support for web application features
  • Create mobile websites easier
  • Customize data attributes
  • Provide a more aesthetically pleasing user interface
  • Support custom audio and video elements

Communication Framework

As the project was set, we stopped on the following methods of communication with the client:
microsoft teams



To build a new web platform that will ease content managing across different platforms.

Main flow

Users of the platform should be able to easily manage their videos and take advantage of the following features:
  • Restore videos
  • Add new videos
  • Create, sort, and edit playlists
  • Publish videos on various social media networks
  • Upload them to their library from multiple devices or from YouTube and DropBox
  • Customize the design of the channel
  • Communicate with other members and send them different videos and invitations


We have assembled a team of project managers, engineers, and business analysts with experience in developing similar products. That enabled us to offer an extra value to the product and eliminate all the challenges that could arise during the project.


Whiteboard meetings and brainstorming sessions are systematically organized during the product development stage to boost coordination between different teams and successfully finish a project.

Whiteboard meeting

It's a common practice at Computools to gather analysts, managers, and architects together to address project`s scope, costs, time, business challenges, and reach successful completion of the project.


Brainstorming sessions allow our team to generate ideas and find a solution to a particular problem. The reason for this is to find a solution outside of the usual box, to try to come up with a fundamentally new solution and get a new result.

Dev meeting

Dev meetings, status meetings or short stand ups are designed to streamline processes and synchronize the work of all team members.

PMs track whether all iterations are executed by the team, or identify as early as possible the reasons why they cannot be executed.

Internal Communication Flow

To avoid communication pitfalls and ensure successful completion of the project, we always try to diversify methods of communication. Redmine and Jira were used for task tracking; Skype and Slack were chosen for weekly updates and client check-ins.

Project Management Methodology

The Scrum approach was chosen as an ideal model for the full interaction of team members. It involves regular tracking of the work process, which allows us to see the results of our efforts, assess the right direction and solve problems with less effort.

As the project was more of a startup nature, this methodology allowed us to easily adapt to the changing environment and constant learning.

Project timeline



  • Defined foremost goals of the product
  • Researched existing technologies for similar products
  • Shared our vision on how and which technologies will fit for the client's project, provide a competitive advantage, and minimize the risk of costly errors
  • Pre-estimated approximate costs and deadlines for the project

Product DESIGN

  • Formed project scope
  • Created product deliverables including user stories with feature requirements
  • Created specification requirements
  • Formed architecture for the product
  • Developed interactive prototypes
  • UX/UI development

Product Engineering

Building the team:
  • Allocated an optimal number of specialists for the project
  • Added executors to each team
  • Welcome meeting with the client
  • Estimation of tasks by developers
  • Allocating tasks to developers
  • Work in accordance with the chosen methodology
  • Layout
  • Programming all the core functionalities
  • Testing & Stabilization

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