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An innovative PSS solutions for a leading global airline IT systems provider


Business Information Services



Business size:



  • Improved communication between end clients and airline partners
  • Removed the necessity of phone booking systems
  • Boosted sales and improved marketing synergy
  • Provided a modern solution for booking
  • Offered business automation and brand loyalty



  • Many competitors
  • Slow website loading speed
  • Large number of features and services to be implemented


  • Large customer base
  • Well-known brand
  • Key player on the market
  • Clear understanding of all business processes


Since 2002, WorldTicket has provided airlines worldwide with advanced PSS (Passenger Service System) solutions built on modern and flexible technology. One of those is Sell-More-Seats and is being used on 5 continents and is an all-in-one-cloud-hosted solution providing advanced PSS functionality required by LCC (Low-cost Carrier), traditional, start-up, and virtual airlines to run their business.

As for their target audience, WorldTicket works with more than 65 airlines worldwide. Their TA is passengers (end clients) and companies that want to use their Sell-More-Seats solution. With a firm desire to become the leading PSS provider, the client wanted to cover all general airline processes right from selling a ticket in any distribution channel to inventory hosting as well as an extensive reporting module and BI functionality for monitoring sales.

Digital Platform & Technology

Upon close evaluation of the project and set goals, both parties have agreed on convenient open technologies that come with a good ecosystem. The scalability of the chosen technologies enabled WorldTicket to validate ideas, refine the product, and minimize the workload on the website.

Communication Framework

Clear communication is paramount for any software development process. To build transparency across every part of the project, regularly scheduled online meetings between Chief Technology Officers and the development team were organized.

For convenience and availability Computools established the following communication channels:



The initial goal was to help airline partners worldwide provide their passengers with the best online experience. WorldTicket helps airlines optimize their direct sales channels and improve the user experience for the passenger.
The developed website is WorldTicket’s trademark that familiarizes end clients with products and services.

Main flow

  • Visit website
  • Review information regarding the solutions and products
  • Use the flight lookup function to find relevant information about airline partners
  • Evaluate results
  • Book an online meeting or order services


Based on the chosen technologies and goals, we picked competent engineers who successfully finished the project within the set timeframe.


Peek in and get more insights on how we work on each project: project discussion, whiteboard meetings, brainstorming, and simply gathering developers to make sure everything is going in the right direction.

Whiteboard Meeting

For the sake of meaningful collaboration and to spark creative solutions, Computools designers, analysts, and project managers joined a whiteboard meeting before each sprint. New ideas were brainstormed, delivery of the desired design was facilitated, and the optimal customer journey was outlined.


As a part of our brainstorming process, Computools tried to work out what the project actually is, what the client wants/needs, the project’s budget and time frame/deadlines, as well as evaluate the tools readily available, teams, and existing skills. Each member shared their perspective on how they see the project and what should be improved.

Dev Meeting

Computools’s team of developers met weekly in a round-table format. Project managers and team leads provided an overview of upcoming tasks and priorities for the coming weeks and months ahead. Developers, in turn, shared a full report to the TL on what they did, what was scheduled and postponed, and the issues they encountered.

Internal Communication Flow

As for the internal communication channels, Computools took into account WorldTicket’s preferences. To consolidate the communication flow, different tools for different tasks were preferred.

Skype was used for urgent inquiries and video calls, Slack was used for scheduling meetings and announcements between management, email was used for documentation and reports, and Jira was used to control progress and assign tasks.

Project Management Methodology

As Scrum is most effective for teams working on complex projects, Computools agreed upon a project management methodology. It consisted of 2-4 week sprints. With each sprint, a team had to build the most important features first and come out with a potentially do-able idea. More features were built during the upcoming sprints and adjusted based on stakeholder and customer feedback.

Project timeline



  • Online meetings with the client to understand project scope and gather information
  • Analyze business processes, study competitors, give recommendations
  • Create a project proposal and get approval from the client
  • Identify risks
  • Gather assets from client to utilize in the project

Product DESIGN

  • Website specification (budget, deadlines, or technical restraints)
  • Defining tools for architecture and patterns
  • Defining the technological stack
  • Creating guidelines for design and development
  • Choosing a project management methodology
  • Outlining a development process
  • Calculating the number of needed project teams
  • Configuring the technological processes and interactions between roles

Product Engineering

  • Pre-phase
  • Setting up the optimal development team
  • Assigning Project managers and Team leaders
  • Online meetings with the whole team
  • Defining the roadmap and project management methodology
  • Design and code development
  • Testing & Stabilization
  • UI testing
  • Review feedback from target audience and client
  • Ensure compatibility across multiple screen sizes and web browsers
  • Enable continuous support of functions according to the client’s specifications

On Client’s Side



WorldTicket’s website was finished on time. Computools completed all the necessary testing to make sure the product had optimal performance and complied with the set standards and requirements.



Once all the tasks and formalities were completed, Computools hosted the site on their server via FTP and helped them configure it. In addition, the design was finalized by opening the site on Computools’s local host for testing.



Additional training materials and staff education was not required.

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