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04. Conception du produit

Concevez une expérience utilisateur et une architecture système signifiantes pour votre produit numérique

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Product design is the second step and includes the development of architecture design, user experience, and user interface tailored specifically to your IT strategy.

Product Design

User Experience

Provide an engaging experience to your users to increase customer satisfaction and in turn, increase sales by applying a user-centric design to your solutions. Building a user-centric design is done based on quality research, testing, and analysis. Solutions built and backed by real data have fewer issues with usability, have greater quality, and cost less in the long run. Get more targeted engagement with the right users: engaging with the right users leads to smoother customer journeys and more conversions. Computools will help you create your very own user-designed solutions.

Apply data visualization to increase the efficiency of decisions by getting the necessary information in an easy-to-read format. This way of processing huge amounts of data reduces costs compared to other methods. It is an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

Product Design

Solution Architecture

Computools’s skills in building complex solutions has allowed for the development of precise strategies. Confidence comes from years of experience in meeting clients’ requirements. Balance performance, flexibility, and security by creating the architecture as a set of components and their integration. To increase the speed of delivery, Computools's specialists select ready-made components that can be integrated into the product.

Product Design

Cloud Transformation Strategy

Cloud solutions help to transform and optimize your business through their beneficial capacities; availability with minimal latency anywhere in the world, high-speed scaling, reduction development costs by using cloud providers’ API and high-grade security provided by Amazon or Google. Implementing cloud solutions, reduce IT infrastructure support costs, giving you the ability to focus on core business tasks instead of infrastructure support. Computools is your guide in choosing the proper solution for overcoming possible complexities. Using AWS or GCP Cloud Provider Services, Computools develops custom cloud transformation strategies to meet your business goals.

To learn more about how Computools can help boost your agility and speed up your products’ time-to-market with cloud transformation strategy, click the link below and visit the Cloud & DevOps page.

Product Design

Quality Assurance Strategy

A Quality Assurance Strategy eliminates the loss of customers by improving user experience and avoiding technical issues. Computools provides key metrics so that you can track and improve your IT products.

Product Design

User Interface

Get a better conversion ratio along with stronger lead generation by enhancing customer engagement with a convincing and appealing user interface. An intuitive, interactive, and easy-to-use and well designed user interface reduces costs burdening customer support and increases brand loyalty and customer retention. Partner with Computools to increase organic lead generation, improve early-stage customer satisfaction, and minimize costs and resources with a user-centric product interface.


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Votre demande sera soigneusement étudiée par nos experts. Nous vous contacterons dans un délai d'un jour ouvrable.