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We Empower Brands Through Research-Based Content & Branding Strategies

Conversion copywriting and branding means analyzing how leads interact with your web copy, evaluating their response, and prompting them to choose YOU (and not someone else). With an understanding of SEO, branding, and UX, a focus of our deliverables includes wireframes for content, so you understand how copy should flow in each channel to maximize readership, deliver emotional value, and ensure prospects move to the next stage of your sales funnel. ​

Collect more leads and close more deals by aligning your business’s goals with a content marketing strategy designed to grow your brand’s trust and online awareness with the customers and clients you want to work with.

Content & Branding Strategy

What is a content & branding strategy?

A content & branding strategy is the result of an in-depth evaluation of your business’s current content marketing activities and your ICP’s online behavior. It shows you and your marketing team precisely what should be generated, how it should be structured, and how it should be deployed for a 12 month period to deliver your business the results needed to get to the next level.

How your business would benefit from a content & branding strategy designed by us:

  • Elevated brand awareness - Close more deals with messaging that resonates with your customers.
  • Enhanced SEO - Increase traffic with targeted semantic, LSI, and long-tail keywords.
  • Clearer marketing objectives - Improve marketing ROI with a customer-orientated strategy and defined actionable steps.

Content Plan

What is a content plan?

A content plan is the breakdown of your content & branding strategy to a monthly level. Each month gets its own content plan and calendar, detailing what, when, and how content should be generated and deployed, including what channels it should be deployed through.

How your business would benefit from deploying content plans designed by us:

  • Defined content schedules - Stay on schedule with defined post dates and times for content.
  • Defined content channels - Get better returns from posting content to defined channels.
  • Defined content structures - Create consistency and better results with defined content structures and layouts.

Brand & Style Guide

What is a brand & style guide?

A brand & style guide is a powerful tool to synchronize your team, streamline your operations, and maintain a consistent marketing presence. It establishes your brand identity and masters your messaging so that more of the market share not only listens to you but trusts you. By harnessing the power of purpose, vision, and voice – you can achieve a brand personality that persuades purchasing power. Each brand guide is tailor-designed to suit your specific brand requirements. It generally outlines your brand ethos, message mastery, visual identity guidelines, marketing strategy, social media kit, and exemplary employee essence.

How your business would benefit from a brand & style guide designed or enhanced by us:

  • Defined fonts, typography, and images - Create a smoother customer experience and journey by keeping font, typography, and image guidelines consistent.
  • Consistent tone and personality - Connect customers and clients with what the brand stands for by delivering a consistent tone and personality.
  • Increased brand trust - Gain trust and keep it by showing customers and clients that the brand is strong, consistent, and sticks to its values and mission.
  • Elevated brand awareness - Establish and maintain brand awareness by utilizing brand guidelines that create consistency, establish credibility, and build brand loyalty.

Computools's Approach

Solve your business’s pain points with:


Conduct an In-depth Marketing Audit

Understand where you’re at currently, learn what’s working and what isn't, reveal bottlenecks in your processes, and take the first step towards a stronger digital presence.


Enhance/Build an Impactful Brand & Style Guide

Establish and enhance your brand with a tool designed to bring your business to life with a meaningful story, impactful tone, powerful messaging, and digital appearance that connects with your customers and clients on an emotional level.


Create a Comprehensive Content & Branding Strategy

Create a research-based 12-month strategy with technical SEO and brand in mind that lays out your business’s need-to-dos and content structure to generate more traffic and convert more leads into paying customers.


Organize a Complete (Q1-Q4) Content Plan & Calendar

Get more than just a strategy. Get actionable steps and know when, where, and how to post content to reach maximum value and enhance the customer journey from reader to prospect to customer.

The Facts & Statistics

Having a data-driven content marketing & branding strategy is key to getting your business to the next level.

84% of companies marketing B2B are outsourcing content strategy and creation.
The most effective companies marketing B2B give 39% of the marketing budget to content marketing.
60% of the most effective companies marketing B2B and B2C have a documented content and branding strategy.
73% of organizations have someone in place to oversee their content strategy.
Conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters.

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