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04. Software Integrations

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We integrate pre-made software solutions and application systems to enhance functionality and offer more opportunities for different departments of your company. We offer integration with the services of the following companies:

Software Integrations

Lead tracking

Get insightful information about leads by integrating software solutions for lead tracking. Track calls and route data from online forms, chat rooms, and transactions on eCommerce platforms to singular source. Having a wider picture of your leads and where they come from creates value. Know the best sources for traffic, the most visited pages on your website, bounce rates, and other unique information.

Software Integrations

Enhanced UX

Take your UX to the next level based on user data and statistics. Start tracking the behavior of your end-users on your website using heatmaps and other statistical tools. These kinds of actions will help you optimize your website’s design for optimal conversion.

Software Integrations

Support systems

Save budget with a turnkey ticketing support system and integrate it into your product. Make solving customer inquiries like complaints, orders, and more easy with real-time statistics and automation.

Software Integrations

Content recognition

Monitor content using AI. Social networks, streaming services, and other content-based companies can benefit from AI content and audio recognition integrations. These solutions filter images and videos uploaded by users automatically, saving you and your team a lot of manual work and time.

Software Integrations

Data collection, sorting, and storage

Merge data in a single place. If your product or company already uses several applications with separate databases, then the best solution is to integrate software solutions for merging data. Scale in a cost-effective way by being able to make business decisions using holistic data.

Software Integrations

API integrations

Integrate APIs with social networks or other third-party applications to help expand the customer base and increase loyalty. By integrating with more solutions via API, you get synchronized data enabling you to see a bigger picture and add more functionality to your product.

Software Integrations

Custom services integration

Integrate services with your CRM system or other applications, but there are customers that lack the basic functionality of these services. For this case, we offer custom services integration.

With a customized approach, the customer received a custom integration of different services to fit his needs.

We are ready to set up custom integration with your service, expand the service functionality according to your needs, develop the design and modify statistics according to your needs.

Software Integrations

Security and backup systems integration

Exchange data between security systems automatically while remaining compliant and secure. The synchronization of different applications and harmonious data exchange between them can solve many problems, ensuring accurate assessment of cybersecurity threats, possible data leakage, hacking attacks, DDoS attacks, etc.

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