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Alexey Oliynuk

Chief Economic Efficiency Officer


“Operational efficiency is the cornerstone of sustainable growth in any organisation. We can enhance productivity and drive success through strategic resource allocation and process optimisation. This is my commitment to Computools and its team.”

Mr. Oliynuk has been working for Computools since 2015, and his position is now Chief Economic Efficiency Officer. He plays a pivotal role in optimising the company’s operational performance and ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to maximise productivity.


Before assuming the position of CEE Officer, Mr. Oliynuk served as an HR manager at Computools, where he was deeply involved in personnel management and development. His expertise extended to implementing, improving and adapting human resources strategies to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business landscape. He was instrumental in developing a streamlined organisational structure to enhance staff productivity and efficiency. During his tenure in HR, Mr. Oliynuk acquired essential skills, knowledge, competencies and professional capabilities that enabled him to support the company’s dynamic growth and optimise its structure across various levels. Additionally, Mr. Oliynuk designed, implemented and adapted models for staff development, employee motivation programmes and feedback systems at Computools.


As the CEE Officer, Mr. Oliynuk oversees the company’s operational efficiency and resource management objectives. His primary duty is to maintain a balanced and continuously operational resource allocation system within the organisation. He actively contributes to all aspects of project development, collaborating with the CTO to address motivation and productivity challenges in the workplace. Mr. Oliynuk holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and Labour Economics. He possesses the expertise to participate in critical HR processes, ranging from recruitment to contract negotiation and labour relations. He serves as the key decision-maker in providing employee benefits and incentives.