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Alexey Oliynuk

Chief People Time Management Officer


“Human resources is the most valuable and most changeable asset in any organization. With a good approach to employee development and motivation, it is possible to make people happy and get projects done on time. That is my contribution to Computools and my commitment to its team.”

Mr. Oliynuk has been the Chief People Time Management Officer at Computools since 2015. He is a leading figure in the management of Computools’s tech talents and makes sure every expert is connected to a project that fits their expertise. 


Before getting appointed to the CPTMO position, Mr. Oliynuk served as an HR manager at Computools and was mostly involved in personnel management and development. His area of influence encompassed the implementation, improvement, and adaptation of human resources to a rapidly changing business environment. His incentives touched upon the development of an effective structure enabling staff productivity and efficiency. During his first service, Mr. Oliynuk acquired essential skills, knowledge, competencies, and professional capabilities that allowed him to support the company’s dynamic development and optimize its structure at many levels. Additionally, Mr. Oliynuk elaborated, implemented, and adapted staff development models, employee motivation programs, and the feedback system at Computools.


As the CPTMO, Mr. Oliynuk is in charge of the human resources system and management goals within the company. His primary responsibility is keeping the HR department balanced and in continuous operation. He participates in all project development processes, helping the CTO tackle motivation and productivity issues in the workplace. Mr. Oliynuk holds a Master’s degree in the field of ‘Human Resource Management and Labor Economics’ and possesses sufficient expertise to be present in all fundamental HR processes, from recruitment to contract signing, labor relations, and acts as the main decision-maker in providing employee benefits and perks.

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