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Dmytro Batarin

Head of Front-End Development


“Today software development is not only about technical excellence but also about your interpersonal skills. Communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, and teamwork; these qualities are essential for every professional in software development. I love working with people, teaching them, and making them better than they were yesterday.”

Mr. Batarin has been the head of front-end development since 2021 and became an integral part of Computools in 2018. Mr. Batarin is not only handling the technical aspects of software development but also nurtures professional skills in developers, assists project managers and business analysts in project coordination, and ensures that front-end technology is kept to a high standard.


Mr. Batarin holds a Master’s Degree in computer systems and networks. Before his current role, he took other technology-related and management positions such as full-stack developer, front-end developer, and tech lead. 


His technology-focused background enabled him to grow as a professional developer and a dedicated leader. 


Currently, he’s responsible for hiring and training front-end developers, providing architectural and design direction for front-end initiatives, and assisting in code quality on outsource/outstaff projects. 


His extensive experience, education, and obtained licenses & certifications in the development area make him an irreplaceable player that facilitates growth and professionalism within the company.

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