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Nikita Abelmasov

Head of Business Analysis


“There are tons of meticulous research and hours of hard planning behind every flawless software product. My role is to make sure that the development team’s efforts are not vain and focused on the right things that lead to remarkable success.”

Mr. Abelmasov has been head of Computools’s business analysis department since 2017. His main area of expertise is the coordination of business analysis processes and software requirements management.


Mr. Abelmasov began his career at the age of 12, starting to work as a web-developer on one-time projects. Prior to being appointed to the Head of Business Analysis, Mr. Abelmasov acquired profound knowledge and understanding of business analysis nuances and gained valuable experience in different IT-related positions, such as being a full-stack web developer, technical project manager, solution architect, technical lead, and sales representative. He also holds a Master’s degree in the field of ‘Software engineering and Computer Applications’. 


Mr. Abelmasov is in charge of defining the main business analysis practices to approach software development projects. His role touches upon the establishment of efficient communication processes for making sure software is in compliance with product requirements. His expertise also covers business aspects of project management and solution evaluation. 


Mr. Abelmasov is a result-oriented leader who is capable of solving complex challenges and coming up with unique solutions and sound approaches to delivering enterprise projects at any level.

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