Oleksandra Koluharova

Chief People Management Officer


“People are the biggest driving force behind innovation and technology. My responsibility is to give them a favorable working environment in which they can safely evolve and make new discoveries that will further advance their growth and progress.”

Ms. Koluharova has been the Chief People Management Officer at Computools since 2019. She is the major figure in creating necessary working conditions for consistent employee growth and development. Her contribution is oriented towards establishing bonus systems and comfort in the workplace. She has vast experience and proven capabilities for maintaining a good level of employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Before taking the CPMO position at Computools, Ms. Koluharova acquired a Master’s Degree in the field of ‘International Economy’ and gained extensive experience in human resource management. Her area of expertise encompasses talent acquisition and recruitment of human resources into Computools. She monitors employee motivation and engagement and elaborates relevant human resource strategies for keeping employee performance growing consistently. Along with the CEO, she is involved in determining Computools’s employer brand and employee value proposition (EVP). 

Ms. Koluharova is in charge of all internship and staff training programs aimed at growing new IT professionals and allowing Computools’s specialists to expand their technical expertise and deepen their domain knowledge. She supervises the operation of Computools’s laboratory of tech talents and organizes training activities for employees looking to achieve proficiency in their field. 

Ms. Koluharova’s role is also instrumental in organizing corporate social and charity events. She puts effort into employee welfare by providing opportunities for team-building, collective recreation, and communication outside of work.


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