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Retailing glossary


Main consulting and engineering parts consist of 3 main steps:

  • Building or improving stock and resources management systems,

    (because it's important to control requirements inputs for building distributor's service);

  • Building logistic algorithms

    (to improve the cost and time efficiency of distribution tasks);

  • Building order status tracking for staff and users.

Marketplace Solutions Kit

A Marketplace Solutions Kit is a special template for a platform that provides the ability to build custom apps, where the customer can compare and purchase goods and/or services from numerous suppliers online. The kit consists of the core, a set of ready-made plug-ins (PayPal, Stripe) and a demo stand to display available functions.

This is a simple, elegant and effective way to avoid many problems associated with creating a marketplace from scratch. Using solutions kits allow you to get a profitable reliable product with all the necessary features. The core benefit of this kit is that it allows you to create a custom system with a superior efficiency compared to average eCommerce solutions.

Constructor Solutions Kit

A Constructor Solutions Kit is an application that sells products that can be assembled in a variety of ways to your customers. Using constructor solutions kits customers are provided with an opportunity to assemble complex and highly customizable products, which shows the customer what the final product will look like and immediately be able to purchase it.Original and unusual solutions like this allow you to sell goods and services like never before. Thanks to the latest technology, you can transform customer expectations, and offer them new experiences.An eCommerce Constructor Solutions Kit simplifies the interaction between seller and customer and offers significant benefits.

Showroom Solutions Kit

An eCommerce Showroom Solutions Kit is an application that allows you to demonstrate the capabilities of any product, including an innovative product that has no analogs on the market. You can literally show the customer all the options and functions of the product before purchasing it.The main purpose of this application is to create a desire to own the product and encourage a deliberate purchase through the customer’s experience while using it. Solutions Kit allows you to adapt the application to your needs and products.An eCommerce Showroom Solutions Kit offers significant seller benefits.

Interactive Solutions Kit

An eCommerce Interactive Solutions Kit is an application that allows the customer to interact with your product and compare the experience to previous models. This solution creates the need and desire within the customer to purchase a new model based solely on the positive emotions experienced while testing it.The process is similar to an interactive game, and the implemented entertainment element allows the customer to gain new experience without applying any special knowledge. It is the perfect tool for maximizing customer involvement in the purchase process.An eCommerce Interactive Solutions Kit offers significant seller benefits.

E-feller Case Study:

E-feller is an IoT-based solution that aims to solve the issue of global food waste. It helps track and manage expiring produce from the start of the funnel to the end: from producer to consumer. By taking specific data like the needs of food manufacturers, retailers, and consumers into account, E-feller is moving the world one step closer to better waste prevention and management.

Automotive Retail

Computools's Automotive Retail Solutions benefit you with:

  1. Understanding your customer and building efficient user journey

    (which will increase user engagements, satisfaction, and conversion rate);

  2. Building and implementing correct filters for enhanced user experience

    (the ability to choose services, cars or parts that fully meet customer's requirements);

  3. Convenient booking system

    (that helps to automate a number of routine processes and cut operational costs).

Locargo Case Study:

Locargo is an online marketplace for cargo and delivery services based in Texas. It’s a comprehensive web application that connects cargo-service providers and drivers with local customers.

Auto Union Case Study:

The independent-driving system with an Artificial Intelligence component was created to detect pedestrians and warn drivers. The system is designed to enhance the safety and comfort of everyone on the road.

MyCar Case Study:

MyCar consists of two apps - CarWash and MyCar - and each of them has its own target audience. CarWash is a management tool for car wash owners with a convenient and user-friendly interface. It allows to optimize the work of the administrator, increase client traffic and generate additional income by providing unique services. It would be beneficial for newly opened car washes and for a long time existing ones. MyCar is an application for clients of car washes, that allows them to find the nearest car wash, book a time, select a list of services and pay for them.

Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Launching your online platform with Computools results in:

  1. Expanding your potential audience substantially;
  2. Increasing the level of customer service you provide significantly;
  3. Selecting the right marketing strategy via collected analytics;
  4. Reducing operational costs by automating a number of routine processes.

CREELiT Case Study:

CREELiT’s online platform allows real estate agents in the United States to automate their marketing activities. The platform's ‘web-to-print’ functionality provides real estate agents with the opportunity to significantly reduce their marketing efforts: an agent chooses a design template directly from the dashboard for anything from a business card to a billboard, and then easily customizes it. Subsequent printing and scheduled door-to-door shipments happen automatically and effortlessly. CREELiT allows real estate agents to focus on their core business activity.

Epson Case Study:

The ReadyInk System, developed for Epson, is an independent assistant that can monitor the ink level in specific printers in real-time and automatically notify both users and resellers of the need to refill the cartridges. The system is also able to order necessary cartridges and arrange their delivery to the store or the user’s door.

Ad Studio Case Study:

Ad Studio allows sending users marketing campaigns and advertising information during Wi-Fi connection. The app is also able to analyze the users' network to identify the target audience and provide improved customer service and promotional mailings.

Native Ads Case Study:

Native Ads provides advertisers with relevance to the content being viewed or read. It is a marketing platform focused on working with clients from all over the globe. The platform supplies publishers with powerful tools and responsive widgets; has implemented analytical tools for detailed reports; supports Javascript and major blogging CMS platforms.

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