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А company with 20 years of experience in the dental field, has significantly improved its platform by working with Compotools. Our team has implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning, optimised X-ray processing, and improved the platform’s language packs.


Dental Health is a longstanding player in the healthcare industry in the Middle Eastern region. For over twenty years, it has specialised in providing solutions for dental and orthodontic practitioners. As a small business, it has established itself as a reliable partner for dental professionals, offering tools and technologies to streamline their workflows and enhance patient care.

Its technology enables practitioners to obtain accurate and professional cephalometric analyses within seconds, enhancing diagnostic precision and significantly improving efficiency, productivity, and patient throughput.


Despite their expertise and experience, Dental Health faced several challenges that hindered their growth and efficiency. Their existing monolithic application architecture with complex interdependencies led to inefficiencies in development processes, resulting in delays and decreased team productivity. Additionally, their legacy technology and outdated visual design limited their business potential, making it difficult to stay competitive in an evolving market.


Compotools offered Dental Health a comprehensive solution that included a complete platform upgrade and the introduction of new features to increase efficiency, optimise image processing and improve the user experience.

Platform modernisation:

  • We migrated the platform to a modern stack (JPA, servlets, jQuery and Canvas) to improve performance, optimise image processing algorithms and ensure faster platform performance.
  • We rewrote and optimised the platform code to improve its structure and performance.
  • We ensured continuous delivery of updates and active collaboration between the development team and the client.

Implementation of new features:

  • We integrated artificial intelligence functions to automate routine tasks and improve the analysis of X-ray images.
  • We developed new modules for fast and efficient processing of X-ray images.
  • We provided support for more languages for the convenience of users from all over the world.
  • We developed functions for generating analytical reports, which allow dentists to receive detailed information about patients’ health status.


Working with us has allowed Dental Health to improve its platform, expand its capabilities, and reach new heights in dentistry. Our engineers have improved diagnostic accuracy, and personalised treatment plans with artificial intelligence have led to better patient outcomes. The platform’s user-friendly interface has accelerated the receipt of radiography results.


Computools successfully addressed the client’s challenges by modernising the technological infrastructure, enhancing functionality and improving the overall design of the platform. The transformation included implementing features such as efficient X-ray image processing, report generation analytics tools, and additional options to streamline orthodontic support.

Computools brought a skilled team of Java developers and experts in various technologies to the table, ensuring that the project’s goals were met and exceeded.

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The client’s main task was to develop a platform for orthodontists’ support. This platform would help process analyses, prepare analytics reports, and install reference points on the X-ray image to plan the necessary procedure (brace, for instance). After analysing the client’s goals, we offered Dental Health an outstaff team of engineers.

Approach to solution

The selection of Computools was not solely based on technical prowess. It also reflected the compatibility of work methodologies and the commitment to effective communication. The Computools team, including Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Quality Assurance Engineers, demonstrated a clear understanding of the client’s goals and an agile approach to project management.

Computools role

Our engineers developed a specification based on the client’s tasks to finish the project and complete the client’s tasks on time. Thanks to close collaboration with the client’s Project Coordinator, we were able to pay close attention to all important functional and non-functional requirements.

Key decisions and outcomes

We identified inefficiencies in the development process through a technical audit, including delays and decreased team productivity, due to a monolithic application architecture with complex interdependencies. To address these issues and improve efficiency, we proposed a migration to a microservices-based architecture. We configured a continuous delivery procedure to streamline deployment and maintenance processes, enabling faster delivery of new features and updates. This approach improved agility and responsiveness to changing user requirements.


For the project, we chose designers who were already experienced in the healthcare domain and had a good understanding of the target audience:

dental health user persona


Crafting detailed profiles of target users for precise platform alignment.

dental health site map


Visualising the hierarchical structure of the website's pages and content.

dental health wireframes


Creating skeletal outlines to illustrate layout and functionality before design.

dental health user interface


Designing the interactive elements for a seamless and intuitive user experience.



For this project, Kanban was chosen as the appropriate methodology. Kanban is a method for managing the creation of products with an emphasis on continual delivery while not overburdening the development team. Kanban is based on three main principles: visualise workflow, limit the amount of work in progress and enhance flow (when something is finished, the next highest thing from the backlog is pulled into play). Kanban promotes continuous collaboration and encourages active learning and improvement by defining the best possible team workflow.



dental health project timeline


Compotools has become our trusted partner in modernising our platform. Their experience and expertise helped us to significantly improve performance, expand our capabilities, and reach a new level. The Compotools team was always ready to cooperate and responded quickly to all our requests. Thanks to their work, our platform has become more user-friendly, which has led to the growth of our business. We recommend Compotools as a reliable and competent partner for any software development project.

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