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Corporate Social Responsibility

Computools helps people realize their true potential and improve the environment

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Computools’ Focus Areas


Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

Computools pays attention to sports and a healthy lifestyle. We understand that to stay productive and be happy, our team needs to be engaged physically. To make this a reality, Computools rents out various soccer fields and basketball courts and even negotiates special discount memberships at gyms for employees to play and exercise.


Computools creates and maintains an effective working environment that’s team-centric. We focus on preventing conflict situations and stress, and if something like this happens, we mitigate the situation and resolve it. On a regular basis, we organize informal team gatherings at restaurants and other places to facilitate comradery.

Education and Training

Computools promotes the development of each and every one of its employees, no matter their department or function. To achieve this, we organize in-company training and lectures by top-performing specialists and managers.

In addition, Computools organizes visits to business-function conferences to deepen industry knowledge and expand professional networks. We organize conferences ourselves, have our own courses and certifications, help pay for external certificates, and work with universities on their curricula.


Computools practices a friendly approach to onboarding new employees from the first interview to the first day of work.

Day milestones break down the process with the first being all about signing the necessary documents and detailed consultation with the company’s lawyers. That’s followed by a quick studying of the corporate culture and department processes hosted by the People Manager and the employee’s Team Lead.

Employees and Information

Computools keeps access to information secure and restricted to certain job functions and titles.

Every important decision is made after a rational discussion. Employees work under processes that ensure a healthy microclimate in the team and a sense of involvement and safety.

Computools’ Focus Areas



Computools assures quality through a clear scope of work and delivery managed and monitored by a designated Project Manager. We take measures to create the working conditions necessary to ensure the quality of work performed under the established requirements, including the creation of safe and comfortable working conditions.


Computools provides software development services for organizations working in the field of customer service, retail, finance, and healthcare industries. We use our experience from previous projects to contribute to the development and innovation at our own company and within the companies of our clients and partners.


Computools seeks to be a valuable member of international associations that hold weight in commercial business around IT. These memberships allow us to receive comprehensive answers to questions about cooperation between countries and participate in research on key topics.

Computools’ Focus Areas

Social Responsibility

Computools’ Focus Areas



Computools keeps its information public. We support the fight against corruption, bribery, and extortion. Computools was founded with the idea to provide quality software solutions for businesses of any size in a transparent business model.
Environmental sustainability
and social equality
Healthy environment
Environmental sustainability and protection are an integral part of our corporate social responsibility. We are strong believers that the protection of our environment – be it recycling, solving food waste issues, using eco-friendly resources, and joining tree-planting activities - is a crucial and vital step to make sure we all live in a healthy world. That`s why every month we join health environment activities and conduct volunteer hours with our employees. For more than 10 years we have managed to spend at least 20000 hours on the protection of our environment and charitable giving.
Social equality
Highly-paced globalization, growing tolerance towards different minority groups makes many companies reassess their hiring approaches to avoid human rights abuse, discrimination, and any form of social inequality among their employees.

At Computools, our hiring approach and work relationships are based on positive social and ethical practices, professional competencies, and behavior. Thus, Computools houses the most skilled and talented employees whose professional competence and creativity benefit both our clients and the company itself.

The same approach goes for partners and clients from our supply chain where everyone is on the same page when it comes to human rights respect and compliance with the code of ethics. Therefore, our respect and equal treatment of different genders, people with disabilities, and other minorities foster social equality in our company and among our contractors.

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