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Business size:



The application, which became the result of successful work on the project, made it possible to solve the client's challenges and significantly increase profits, reducing product returns several times. Also, customer satisfaction has been increased due to the implementation of AR and VR solutions.

Several key options we solved:

  • Added engaging options for user convenience.
  • Introduced user-friendly features for quick search and fitting of clothes.
  • Provided stable operation of the application and multi-vendors support.



  • Tight schedule and deadlines
  • Multiple modules development


  • High demand for the offered service
  • Application of the latest immersive technologies
  • Implementation of contactless services


The client was looking for a solution for his business, which was experiencing difficulties caused by the closure of outlets, which led to a deterioration in the customer experience and high return rates.

After conducting a series of studies and analyzing the data, Computools offered to create an application to allow users to try on clothes from any of their favorite online stores, and receive goods at home contactless.

Digital Platform & Technology

To ensure the stable operation of the application and to implement all the necessary options, the appropriate technologies were selected.

Communication Framework

Building communication on the project, the Project Manager takes into account many factors, choosing the optimal communication and information exchange channels to stay in touch at any time. On this project, the communication was based on Skype, which allows holding collective meetings, sending reports, and discussing pressing issues.



to provide an opportunity to try on, order, pay, and receive clothes from the favorite online store.

Main flow:

  • Register
  • Select a store from the list provided
  • Select a product
  • Use the "try on" option
  • Add item to cart
  • Enter the required data
  • Make a payment
  • Receive goods contactless.


Computools aims to provide the client with the highest quality of the finished application and carefully selects specialists with the necessary level of expertise and skills. For this project, specialists with long-term experience in similar projects have been selected.


Whiteboard Meeting

Whiteboard meetings help the team to focus on the main tasks, cutting out unnecessary things. This is a great way to highlight the essentials and keep a set of goals in front of your eyes.


Brainstorming is a powerful technique for finding and choosing a truly original, or a simple but elegant solution if the project needs it.

Dev Meeting

Dev meetings allow the team to stay on the same page, discuss the technical features of the project, overcome bottlenecks if they arise.

Internal Communication Flow

Internal communication was based on the principles of the Scrum methodology. Once a week, there were face-to-face Scrum meetings, constant communication via Skype, as well as daily meetings. Jira was used to manage the project.

Project Management Methodology

Since this project required quick implementation and thorough testing, it was decided to choose Scrum as the project methodology. It allows project participants to adjust their activities in response to situations that arise during the project management process. The team is made up of those who will execute the project tasks. Scrum "ceremonies" are the project steps, which are referred to as "sprints," as well as daily Scrum meetings. The sprint process provides development that results in a scalable product even while the project is in full swing. This incremental delivery system shortens the time to market and may result in higher revenue, as each completed backlog represents a new release of the product. Moreover, reviewing each sprint before moving to the next means that testing is conducted throughout the process, which allows teams to change the scope or direction of the project at any point.

Project timeline



  • Online meetings with the client to understand project scope and gather information
  • Analyze business processes, study competitors, give recommendations
  • Create a project proposal and get approval from the client
  • Identify risks
  • Gather assets from client to utilize in the project

Product DESIGN

  • Website specification (budget, deadlines, or technical restraints)
  • Defining tools for architecture and patterns
  • Defining the technological stack
  • Creating guidelines for design and development
  • Choosing a project management methodology
  • Build Development Process
  • Calculating the number of project teams
  • Configuring the technological processes and interactions between roles

Product Engineering

  • Pre-phase
  • Setting up the optimal development team
  • Assigning Project managers and Team leaders
  • Online meetings with the whole team
  • Defining the roadmap and project management methodology
  • Design and code development
  • Testing & Stabilization
  • UI testing
  • Applying improvements
  • Review feedback from target audience and client
  • Ensure compatibility across multiple screen sizes and web browsers
  • Enable continuous support of functions according to the specifications of the client

On Client’s Side



Before launching the application, the necessary checks and tests were carried out, confirming its high performance and compatibility with the provided vendors. All announced options worked according to specification.



The transfer of the application to the customer's servers was carried out in compliance with the security rules to preserve the integrity of the data and guarantee the stable operation of the finished product in the future.



The need for educational materials, tutorials, or user guides has not been agreed upon in advance, but the Computools'd team can provide materials upon request.

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