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Native Ads

2018 - AdTech

Find out more about how to build an advertising platform by using the power of Big Data.


2017 - Events Services

Here you can check out our real case which has allowed our client to bring his businesses to an entirely new level.


2018 - Advertising

Learn more about advertising wi-fi portal development which sends advertising information to customers and collects data for analyzing the target audience.


2018 - Travel & Tourism Industry

See how we have helped one of our clients to roll out his product 2.5 months earlier and move faster to the next round of funding.


2018 - Aviation & Aerospace Industry

Find out more how Computools team have scaled the client’s in-house IT department and introduced new features to the outdated web and mobile applications.


2018 - Cargo Delivery/Transportation

See how Computools software engineers enabled rapid scaling of the client’s IT department and timely development of the Texas-based cargo and delivery B2B solution.


2018 - Automotive electronics

Learn more about developing an AI-powered Autonomous driving system.

Safety Healthcare

2018 - HealthTech Industry

Se how we have helped our client to develop a medical equipment tracking application using RFID tags

Dental Health

2017 - HealthTech Industry

Find out more about development solutions for X-Ray analyses, image archiving and patient record management

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Computools was founded with the idea that it is possible to provide quality software development solutions for enterprises of all sizes. At present, our team works for a considerable number of globally known companies solving their business puzzles. Yet, we are proud to be able to service start-ups and SMEs as well. Computools believes that every business has a hidden potential, and give our best to make the best of it in every situation.

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