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Modernizing an online banking app for a leading Caribbean regional bank

Our client, a bank with over $1 billion in assets operating in 17 countries, needed to expand the range of banking services for individuals with the ability to make card transactions. With our help, the client received integration with Visa based on microservices, access to Visa card processing, and an updated interface for web and mobile banking.

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Real-time printer monitoring and consumables replenishment system for a Japanese electronics giant

One of the leading manufacturers of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers, scanners and other electronics.

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Platform upgrade to enable paperless guidance for aircraft maintenence technicians

As part of this cooperation, Bombardier, along with other smaller manufacturers, operating in the aviation industry, benefited from an enhanced document version control system, built around distributed architecture concepts in line with stringent security requirements. The system provides detailed aircraft maintenance instructions to aircraft technicians in seconds, eliminating the need to contact technical support or search for a specific version of a document. The solution reduced the interaction time between pilots and technical staff and saved back-and-forth communication requesting correct versions of operational manuals.

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Find out how we have helped the world`s most popular organization for educational opportunities to boost their online presence

Discover how Computools's designed, created, and hosted a WordPress platform for IELTS test preparation. The project involved user research, user experience and service design, portal development, website hosting setup, analytics integration, and full project lifecycle management.

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An IoT solution for rail freight safety monitoring

We helped Western-European rail operator develop a system for intelligent real-time positioning of cargo fleets, providing information on important safety parameters such as volume, pressure and temperature. The system generates instant alert if measured parameters deviate from the set norms, reducing manual checking of the fleet status. The system utilises the MQTT protocol, ensuring reliable data transmission and state-of-the-art security in information exchange.

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Managing inspection reports for a leading player in the wind energy sector

Our client, a global sustainable energy supplier, has benefited from the data driven maintenance approach has improved turbine performance by minimizing downtime. The solution allowed the client to reduce operational costs and saved time with fewer personnel involved. Safety has been enhanced by taking high-altitude tasks to a minimum. We established endpoints for JSON-formatted Comprehensive Inspection Reports (CIRs) and PDF-formatted Basic Inspection Reports (BIRs), integrating them into a unified database for a holistic view of turbine health.

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