Awards & Recognitions

Computools has gained expertise over the years to become a top-rated software development company.

The 2020 Global Outsourcing 100 according to The IAOP

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) featured Computools in the 2020 Global Outsourcing 100 List. IAOP appreciated Computools’s customer-oriented approach and strive for innovation.

Mobile App Development Companies In The World

In 2021, Computools was recognized as one of the Top Mobile app development company in the world.

The DevOps Industry Awards 2020

In 2020, Computools became a finalist of DevOps Industry Awards in the category Best Use of DevOps Technology.

Gold Winner of the 15th Annual Network PG’s 2020 IT World Awards

In 2020, Computools LLC became a Gold Winner in the Best IT Services category according to IT World Awards, part of the SVUS Awards recognition program from Silicon Valley in the USA.

IMP³ROVE Assisted Assessment Certificate Issued by the European Innovation Management Academy EWIV

In 2019, Computools LLC successfully passed the assisted IMP³rove Assessment compliant with the European standardization documents and got a certificate.

Top Software Development Company Award by GoodFirms

Computools's IT-engineers' work was valued by GoodFirms. The company is listed as one of the Top Software Development Companies.

Top Software Developers 2019 According to Clutch

In 2019, Clutch, the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, Marketing and Business service providers, added Computools to the Top Software Developers list.

Top Web Development Company as Stated by Appfutura

Computools got a Top Web Development Company status. The skillful and productive work of the company's developers was especially noted by AppFutura.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies In Israel By Top App Development Companies

According to Top App Development Companies, Computools is recognized as a reliable company due to its innovative approach, openness, and transparency.

Top NodeJS Developers According to TopDevelopers

TopDevelopers named Computools a Top Node.js Developer in 2019. Innovative and efficient solutions, provided by the company’s engineers align with evolving business requirements in Mobile app development.

Top Software Developers 2019 according to The Manifest

The Manifest listed Computools in the Top Software Developers in 2019. Compotools was highlighted as a service company that provides disruptive solutions to any-sized businesses.

Top-rated Software Development Company as Stated by Softwareworld

Softwareworld recognized Computools as a Top Rated Software Development Company in 2020. It especially distinguished Computools's continuous approach to product enhancement.

Top Software Developers in the US 2019 according to TechReviewer

Computools was listed in the Top 50 Software Development Companies in the USA in 2019. The review list is based on market research and analysis of more than 500 companies.

Top Angularjs Developers Under the Version of Topdevelopers

TopDevelopers rated Computools as an innovative Top Angular.js developer, that is aimed at transforming ideas of any complexity into robust websites and web apps.

Top Mobile App Development Company Award by Selected Firms

Computools was recognized as a Top Mobile App Development Company by Selected Firms. They also especially valued Computools's solutions in cross-platform mobile app development.

Top Web Development Company According to Top Firms

Top Firms listed Computools in Top 30 Web Development Companies In the USA. Top Firms noted Computools's approach to web development and its balance of combining technical ingenuity with the ability to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Top Software Developers According to Wadline

Wadline rated Computools as a Top Software Developer in the USA. Computools was highlighted as a reliable business partner that provides efficient digital solutions for businesses.

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Take a look at Computools's extensive list of satisfied clients. Feel free to read each review directly on Clutch or GoodFirms.

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Why Computools?


Access to niche expertise and solutions that focus on quality, efficiency, and saving time.


Trusted innovation management and performance valued by world experts at the IMP³rove Academy.

ISO 9001:2015

Certified processes according to international standards and backed by experience.


Access to a multi-technology environment that enhances product development.


Security in knowing that you never have to question where you're at or what's happening in the development process.


Gain stability with a partner who believes in long-term relationships and views it as a fundamental value.


Work with teams that have your business goals in mind. Each step is a step towards improving your overall business processes.


Low staff turnover due to geographical location and leadership in the region.


A number of International association memberships allow us to understand your needs no matter where you're located in the world.


Collaboration with IT professional associations and the knowledge exchange that come with it keep us as an industry leader in IT development.


Confidence in the fact that we are respected as global IT-experts with awards and recognitions to prove it.


Regular internal seminars, training, and workshops contribute to the continuous improvement of Computools's engineers and analysts.

in house teams

Meet project deadlines through the instant scaling of an in-house digital team or adding professionals as needed.

Instant access to expertise and solutions

Gain instant access to expertise and niche solutions that provide fast and measurable results.

Professional engineers with niche skills

Utilize experienced engineers with the skills to deliver quality results on time and on budget.

Full control over
team management

Get a dedicated team fully integrated into your company's processes, involved in your project, and under your management.


Computools will guide your company through a digital transformation.