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As a part of an international distributed team, Computools engineers used their expertise to upgrade the AI-powered Autonomous driving system and ensure the precision of obstacle-detection software. As a result of close collaboration, AUTO UNION Group achieved the outset development objectives.

Several key options we solved:
  • Established and train an AI system.
  • Ensured the precision of obstacle-detection software.
  • Implemented functional features in the AI-powered Autonomous driving system.



  • Inefficient technology stack choices for Autonomous driving system’s database and Front End
  • Demanding development schedule with limited time for internal IT department scaling
  • Overcomplicated Front End features that hinder system performance


  • Market-leading manufacturer with strong global demand for its products
  • Hardware and software development fusion to ensure stable and safe autonomous driving capabilities
  • Culture of consistent investment in innovation aimed at consolidating market positions
  • Structured programming approach that enhances development clarity and quality


The AUTO UNION Group is among the Top-40 automotive parts suppliers in the world with over a hundred years of development and manufacturing or lighting and electronic components. With over 7 billion Euro in sales in fiscal year 2017/2018 and 40,000+ staff member spread across 35 countries, AUTO UNION is at the frontier of research and development. The company engineers electronic solutions that increase energy efficiency, minimize CO2 emissions and enhance driver and passenger safety and comfort.

Since the client’s primary expertise lies with hardware development, testing, and manufacturing, Computools experts were invited to join the distributed team working on an Artificial Intelligence component for an autonomous-driving system. Computools software engineers helped establish and train an AI system to increase the fidelity of pedestrian detection.

Digital Platform & Technology

Communication Framework

Open and efficient two-way communication is crucial to the success of a digital transformation project. Following consultation with the client, we agreed upon a clear and unambiguous communication framework with scheduled regular face-to-face and online meetings and regular reports by email.Our communication ecosystem also incorporated a structured documents environment and client access to Computools' internal task managing platform. This made both the general project roadmap as well as specific processes transparent and clear for all parties.


Computools specialists assisted the AUTO UNION Group in-house IT department in identifying the functional and non-functional requirements for an upgraded Autonomous driving system. Our engineers’ technological expertise coupled with the client’s experience in automotive electronics software development enabled the distributed team to map out the project’s implementation timeline.

Goal 1. Check that Serial Number is not already registered and is eligible to participate in the program. 2. Get printer model. Entry points 1. Register Printer (the user is not logged in). 2. Add Printer (the user is logged in). Post conditions 1. Serial Number check is passed or failed. Main Flow 1. The user provides S/N.


To satisfy the client’s demand for technological expertise with AI-powered systems, as well as CouchDB, Docker, and MicrosoftAzure, Computools screened the talent pool and suggested a number of experienced software engineers and QA specialists to join the distributed team.


To keep the development on schedule, Computools software engineers rely on an established communication framework. Routine meetings, interspersed with brainstorming and feedback sessions keep all members of the distributed team in the loop, enhance understanding, and accelerate development.

Dev Meeting

A staple of the chosen development methodology, daily scrums ensured all members of the distributed team performed their assigned tasks according to the sprint plan. Occurring impediments were promptly addressed by the Team Lead and the Scrum Master.

Planning Session

Starting sprints with planning sessions enabled the team to assess the workload, decompose large problems, and assign software engineers with their respective tasks. This approach allows the team to keep up the rapid development pace while addressing arising challenges.

Feedback Session

All team members participated in the end-of-sprint feedback sessions and discussions. Exchanging ideas and opinions between Computools and client-side engineers inspired innovative solutions and increased development efficiency.

Internal Communication Flow

To ensure transparent communication and understanding among the members of the distributed team, Computools applied an established communication framework. Tasks were assigned with Jira, Email was used to deliver status reports and updates, while daily meetings were held via Skype video and audio.

Project Management Methodology

The Scrum approach was chosen for this project to secure fast-paced development and cohesive collaboration across the international distributed team. Daily scrums were held to assess the development progress and address arising challenges. Scrum Master assigned tasks, tracked their progress and managed resources through Jira while Computools’ Project Manager enabled seamless communication and strict schedule adherence by our software engineers.

Project timeline



First Sight
  • Client's business processes analysis
  • Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Setting development goals with the client
  • Deriving specification, tasks & deadlines

Product DESIGN

  • Business Process modelling
  • Technology selection
Project Management Flow
  • Expertise-based talent evaluation and team formation
  • Internal communication flow establishment
  • Project management methodology
Development Flow
  • Development Methodology

Product Engineering

System Implementation
  • System requirements’ analysis
  • Roles and tasks assignment
Software Development
  • Code Creating & Refactoring
  • Testing & Fixing
  • Verification of safety requirements
  • System Launch
  • Deploy support

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