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As a startup Chief Executive Officer, you want to actualise your business idea, get a functional product. You want to offer a strong value proposition to attract investment and get to market faster. You focus on building a compelling MVP to test your idea and gather user feedback.
As a Chief Technology Officer, you’re looking for ways to reduce startup development time and costs, and gain access to a team of experienced developers that you can engage but not hire in-house.
As a Chief Marketing Officer, you want your product to appeal to as many audiences as possible, and entice them to interact. Your goal is to create and align with the company’s marketing strategy.
As a Chief Security Officer, you ensure your product runs smoothly and scales as the company grows. You are looking for a team to maintain and update the product and ensure it meets security and performance requirements.


According to Crunchbase, the global startup landscape has painted a picture of decreasing funding and increasing difficulties for startups. Here's a list of the main obstacles they will face in 2024:

Startups in 2024 need to be prepared for an investor-centric market, greater investor scrutiny and potential increased competition and consolidation. You need to focus on building a sustainable business, demonstrating a clear value proposition and adapting to a changing funding environment. This requires recognising risks, thinking strategically and choosing development partners responsibly.


Entrepreneurs who are fascinated by their ideas often overlook the complexity and multifaceted nature of the challenges they face. These are:

Crafting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is crucial for testing your concept and gathering valuable user insights. This requires expertise in design, development, and user testing.


Tight budgets and deadlines are realities for startups. You need a solution that accelerates development while keeping expenses in check.


Assembling a skilled team in-house can be time-consuming and expensive. You require developers with diverse expertise who can adapt to your evolving needs.


As your product scales, ensuring its security and smooth operation becomes paramount. You need a partner who prioritizes robust architecture and ongoing maintenance.

Only a comprehensive approach will allow your startup to realise its potential and turn an idea into a thriving business.


As a company that helps build digital businesses and has sufficient experience, we help you go from an idea to a successful product, developing and testing your startup to minimise risks and increase the chances of success. Our offer is:
You get professional advice on when and at what stage you should make marketing measurements, whether your idea is working or not. We build a strategic partnership with you, where you are confident in the reliability of all processes:
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