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Process Automation

create process management systems to effectively handle such processes as customer management, sales and accounting, document management, and many others without human effort

Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Free employees from monotonous processes and transfer them to RPA systems. Computools develops customized RPA systems that can automate and perform routine tasks, such as transferring data, sending notifications, creating reports, working with tables, recognizing texts, and other processes tailored to specific business processes.

Process Automation

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Ease the pain of collecting and analyzing various data and increase business productivity. Computools is capable of developing and integrating CRM systems with extensive functionality: from collecting, storing, and processing data to analyzing marketing strategies. Computools`s key priority is customization, reliability, and transparency.

Process Automation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Implement a single environment that tracks information about business processes in different departments in real-time.

Unify tools from different departments into one holistic ERP system. Reduce the IT support cost, increase data management speed, solve monotonous tasks, increase the transparency of business processes, manage employees, and get a complete account of data in volume.

Process Automation

Business intelligence (BI) tools and analytics

Systemize and visualize information from various sources with the help of BI tools. Computools`s expertise spans developing and implementing analytical tools for different purposes. Top managers, sales, finance, and other departments will be able to use this data to solve business problems.

Quickly spot profitable areas of business:
  • The sales department can plan and assess performance;
  • The HR department can evaluate the effectiveness of managers;
  • The finance department can monitor the repayment of loans and automate accounting;
  • The logistics department can build a plan for supply management.


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