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Digital Transformation Services

Automate the routine processes within your organization to minimize human interaction and streamline operations

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Digital Transformation Services

HR Automation

Streamline HR operations and integrate support systems that will automate all the processes related to employee management:
  • Automation of salary payments to employees
  • Employee-related document management
  • Automation of vacation and compensatory leave
  • Automation of HR routine operations & feedback
  • Essential notifications about events, salary revisions, and other regular entities
  • Opinion and satisfaction surveys

Digital Transformation Services

Inventory Automation

Improve inventory control and significantly increase the reliability of stored data through the integration of an inventory management system:
  • Automated accounting of any changes in inventory
  • Reporting during stock-taking
  • Automatic write-off of products from the warehouse
  • Simplified process of purchasing, notification, and processing of additional orders
  • Detailed statistics on the organization's turnover and profitability

Digital Transformation Services

Business processes automation

Reduce the amount of work needed to complete a task. Implementation of business process optimization solutions optimizes specific actions of employees from different departments, reduces human errors, and simplifies the work.

Digital Transformation Services

Sales automation

Depending on the tasks you need to solve in your sales processes, Computools offers integration of various solutions that can automate such operations as sales funnel planning and management, customer management, support, and after-sales operations. These solutions can include:
  • Integration or development of custom CRM systems
  • eCommerce platforms development
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Chatbots and customer support systems
  • Automated response and sales-related actions

Digital Transformation Services

Business intelligence

Computools helps companies adapt a set of tools and technologies for collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and processing business data.

BI tools generate reports, and dashboards enabling businesses to support decision-making processes, forecast revenues, and decrease operating expenses and inefficiencies in various processes.

Digital Transformation Services

Educational Platforms

Significantly expand your client base by giving access to your educational material via WebRTC technology for your online school or consulting firm. By offering virtual classes and lectures, you gain access to clients all over the world. Creating an online database and form of delivery not only saves you money on textbooks, notebooks, office space, traveling, etc., but also saves your customers money on the same things. Computools can build you a cloud-based educational platform that lowers administration and operational costs, increases market reach, and improves overall user satisfaction.

Digital Transformation Services

Online video communication platforms

Optimize the way your business handles communication. Create a powerful video communication platform for keeping in touch with employees and partners in different offices or parts of the country. Increase conversion by implementing remote meetings with customers using video conferencing, build distance education systems, events and streams. yuyThe future of business is heavily embedded in fast communication and will be done via high-resolution channels for online video.

Digital Transformation Services

trading platforms

Earn a high level of trust from users by providing a high level of security for their funds, data and the whole system. Give customers a bigger advantage due to the platform’s transaction speeds. Obtain an initial customer base and a database necessary for trading through secure integration with other systems and banks.
Computools will build process automation solutions focused and in tune with KSF (key success factors), to assist in automating routine tasks, enhance productivity, efficiency, reduce operational risks, and improve customers’ and employees’ experiences:

Digital Transformation Services

01. do a complete business process analysis

Computools will conduct a detailed analysis of your current business processes to identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement and possible technical solutions for automation.

If you already have a Business Intelligence solution as a core part of making decisions, this will speed up the analysis of your internal business processes, making it faster to understand what can and should be automated.

Digital Transformation Services

02. draw up an automation concept for each process

Computools`s expertise spans the developing and implementing of analytical tools for different departments and companies from various industries.

For the past 10+ years, Computools has been working steadily on the custom development of CRM, RPA, and ERP systems, and the integration of other solutions from third-party providers.

These systems ease the pain of collecting and analyzing data and increase business productivity.

They can easily be tailored to specific business goals and workflows of different departments, for example:
  • The sales department can plan and assess performance;
  • The HR department can evaluate the effectiveness of managers;
  • The finance department can monitor PNL, CashFlow, Balance;
  • The logistics department can build a plan for supply management.

This, in its turn, reduces costs for IT support and monotonous tasks, increases data management speed, and gives more transparency to business processes.

Computools will draw up automation concepts for business processes.

Digital Transformation Services

03. create solution architecture for process automation

Computools can tailor different IT solutions on the market and/or unify them into a single robust system. This will expand your business and technical capabilities, add a wide array of functionality to the system (including visualization,

AIArtificial Intelligence


MLMachine Learning

), and make it more flexible.

Each solution addresses specific needs and requirements and conforms to the highest standards.

In case there are no existing systems on the market that can handle your unique business requirements, Computools offers a custom software solution.

A custom software solution has significant benefits compared to off-the-shelf solutions bringing uniquely tailored features, a great amount of customizability, and the ability to lease it as your product.

Computools will create solution architecture for your business process automation, using ready made solutions or creating new a solution from scratch (starting from creating User Experience and User Interface Designs and ending with Software Architecture).

After that, we’ll calculate costs and deadlines for a fully-functional solution for developing it and implement it into your business.

Digital Transformation Services

04. calculate costs and deadlines for a fully-functional solution

Computools’ business analysts and software architects will provide consulting services, sharing all critical information related to project success. This involves costs and deadlines calculation for a fully-functional solution, risks oversight, and ensuring that the solution is in line with your business requirements.

Digital Transformation Services


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