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As a Chief Technology Officer, you see your technology assets as a platform to support the company’s future growth, integrate with existing systems, and provide a secure environment for sensitive data. Your aim is a scalable, secure platform that performs well and enhances your reputation. Your vision is a platform that provides clear APIs and documentation, has easy-to-use developer tools and a supportive community of developers. You want the system to retain the ability to change quickly to meet business objectives. You expect high speed and low cost for adding to your development team.
As a Head of Product, you want to build and deploy new products quickly and easily, with a focus on user experience and innovation. You expect your technology platform to be customisable and scalable so you can experiment and bring the tested solutions to the market. You want the system to be stable and cost-effective under any load via dynamic scaling.
As a Head of Architecture, your goal is to build and arrange platform architecture, performance benchmarks, scalability, security features, and development tools. You want to develop and maintain a platform that can handle high volumes of data and transactions with a robust architecture that can be easily extended and modified.
For companies that already think of their product offering as a platform, the vision shifts towards enhancement and evolution. The focus is on upgrading the platform to incorporate the latest technologies, improving scalability, and ensuring higher security standards. Continuous improvement in user experience, integration of advanced analytics, and leveraging AI and machine learning are key for the long-term viability of the platform.


Businesses that think of their products as platforms are building a strategic foundation for the future. A product is a tangible or intangible good that fulfils a specific need for a particular set of customers. In contrast, a platform is a foundation or framework that creates value by enabling interactions, transactions, or the development of other products and services. Platforms connect different groups of users and facilitate these interactions.
As a leader with strategic responsibility, consider your priorities, choose the right partners and address challenges to unlock the power of the platform mindset.
Building and maintaining a scalable platform can be expensive and time-consuming. They are complex to design, develop, and implement. The process requires skilled personnel and expertise.
Some examples of businesses that built a solid foundation thanks to platform mindset are:
Amazon: Dominated the cloud computing market by providing a scalable and reliable platform with a diverse range of services.
Google: Google transformed from a search engine company to a tech giant with a platform approach. Google’s ecosystem includes products like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, and more.
Microsoft: Microsoft is another example of a company that embraced the platform mindset to its advantage. With products like Windows, Office Suite, Azure cloud services, and LinkedIn, Microsoft has built an ecosystem that caters to both consumer and enterprise needs.
These success stories illustrate the immense potential of platform and product development. By overcoming the challenges and focusing on user needs, businesses can achieve remarkable results and reach new heights.


Computools offers a comprehensive suite of services to help with platform development:

Platforms & Products Engineering

Solution Architecture

We create scalable architectures to support your platform’s growth and evolving needs.

UX/UI Design services

We design user interfaces that are intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

Project Management

We manage your projects effectively and efficiently to ensure successful delivery on time and within budget.

Web Development

We build high-performance, scalable web platforms tailored to your needs.

Mobile Development

We build engaging and user-friendly mobile apps that deliver exceptional user experiences.

Software Testing

We ensure your platform is of the highest quality through comprehensive testing services.


We help you automate your development and deployment processes to improve efficiency and reduce time to market. We implement CI/CD and autoscale through K8 like solutions.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your platform continues to run smoothly and securely.

Performance Optimisation

We help you optimise your platform’s performance for speed, scalability, and efficiency.


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