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As a Chief Information Officer, your objective is to enhance IT infrastructure reliability and security to support business growth. Your goal is to overcome the legacy of outdated systems by investing in new technologies that will improve customer and employee experience and increase revenue.
As a Chief Technology Officer, your primary goal is to ensure rapid development cycles and efficient deployment while maintaining a high level of performance. You are dedicated to establishing an optimized IT infrastructure that supports dynamic scalability under heavy loads, effectively minimizing costs and ensuring seamless operation under any workload. Furthermore, you prioritize reliability in terms of system uptime and data integrity, implementing robust backup solutions and swift recovery processes to mitigate any potential disruptions. You want infrastructure to be tailored for handling big data, leveraging the latest technology trends to enhance the capabilities of your business operations. You expect the system to be secure.
As a Head of Development, you are committed to a reliable and scalable infrastructure with continuous and automated processes so that the system performs efficiently. You’re up to date with the latest technology trends and their potential impact on your business. You try to experiment with new technologies and implement only those that offer the greatest benefits.
As a Head of Product, you want to reduce time to market through streamlined administration of complex systems, yet offer your audience only quality and reliable products and better communication.


Here are some of the key challenges our clients tell us about when they explore their technology estate:

  • Frequent downtime, security vulnerabilities, and customer dissatisfaction
  • Controlling infrastructure cost and range of services
  • Deployment issues and compromised software quality
  • Risk of data breaches, compliance issues, and increased threats
  • Disrupted operations and diminished service quality
  • Monitoring system health (both hardware and software)
  • Log monitoring
  • Environment for automated testing

To overcome these issues, consider solutions, which offer a structured approach to enhancing efficiency, reliability, security, and customer satisfaction.


At Computools, we leverage our expertise to accelerate the adoption of DevOps best practices, reduce operational overhead, and enhance the quality and speed of your software delivery. We offer:



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