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Business Intelligence Consulting

Business Intelligence Consulting technologies increase management efficiency by configuring an organization's IT framework in accordance with KSF (Key Success Factors) and OKR (Objective Key Results). Get coverage reports, online analytical processing, business performance management, process mining, benchmarking, insightful analytics and many more BI Consulting features. Computools creates robust BI Consulting solutions to increase the efficiency of business decisions by providing automation for the collection of metrics, which show complete, accurate and timely comparative information. It also allows management to focus on business tasks because reports and data collection will be automated.

Process Automation

Computools builds process automation solutions focused and in tune with KSF (key success factors), to assist in automating routine tasks, enhance productivity, efficiency, reduce operational risks, and improve customers’ and employees' experiences. It is a set of business-process improvements and tools that assist your business by removing or automating repetitive and replicable tasks. It radically improves operations by simplifying interactions and speeding up processes.

Quality Assurance Strategy

A Quality Assurance Strategy eliminates the loss of customers by improving user experience and avoiding technical issues. Computools provides key metrics so that you can track and improve your IT products.

Delivery Optimization

Optimize the flow of ideas and creation and get new features delivered quickly. Well-oiled processes greatly reduce the time your product is unavailable. Computools dedicates the best to implementing and optimizing product delivery processes. Clients can be confident that Computools’s deep understanding of their needs and business environment will result in a product that goes above and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Get your own virtual business assistant that will recommend solutions based on the analysis of all your business’s data. This assistant will be a competent advisor in the following areas; improving customer service, boosting the efficiency of your company's processes through analysis of deriving patterns, increasing revenue and maximizing sales opportunities by identifying trends, predicting product demand, classifying customers and predicting their behavior and much more.

Data Visualization

Data visualization can increase the efficiency of decisions by providing the necessary information in an easy-to-read format. This way of processing huge amounts of data reduces costs compared to other methods. It is an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. Computools develops Big Data solutions with integrated data visualization tools, encouraging a wider range of insights and faster decision-making.

New Idea Pipeline

Computools assists in obtaining investments, by breaking an idea down, creating plans and presentations for investors based on product-adapted metrics. To get a quick response to testing at minimal cost, Computools's engineers create an MVP or interactive prototype, aimed at testing the main hypotheses based on the collected metrics. By tracking and improving metrics, you can effectively identify weaknesses at each stage of your business growth. Computools helps to prioritize your key business metrics and offers an evidence-based innovation pipeline to validate the idea itself as well as customer needs, processes, and integration issues, to learn whether the idea meets the market requirements.

Agile Consulting

An agile approach to your workflow will make your business more flexible, adaptable to changes and able to deliver value more frequently to your customers. Computools can assist you in building agile processes based on Scrum or Kanban frameworks. Computools will help you to choose the method that fits your business needs.

Platform & Product Strategy

Successful delivery starts with business analysis, user experience, high-level architecture, and a well-structured process on how it will happen. Short release cycles (A-B testing of hypotheses), applied at Computools, allow for the fast introduction of ideas and processing of client hypotheses, in order to get quick feedback and adjust the product development vector. Creating and maintaining a flexible architecture reduces the costs for implementing changes to the product.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud solutions help to transform and optimize your business through their beneficial capacities; availability with minimal latency anywhere in the world, high-speed scaling, reduction development costs by using cloud providers’ API and high-grade security provided by Amazon or Google. Implementing cloud solutions, reduce IT infrastructure support costs, giving you the ability to focus on core business tasks instead of infrastructure support. Computools is your guide in choosing the proper solution for overcoming possible complexities. Using AWS or GCP Cloud Provider Services, Computools develops custom cloud transformation strategies to meet your business goals.

Solution Architecture

Computools’s skills in building complex solutions has allowed for the development of precise strategies. Confidence comes from years of experience in meeting clients’ requirements. Balance performance, flexibility, and security by creating the architecture as a set of components and their integration. To increase the speed of delivery, Computools's specialists select ready-made components that can be integrated into the product.


Implementing the IoT ecosystem leads to the reduction of operating costs and improves the quality of operations by transferring routine tasks to the system; improving the quality of business decisions thanks to additional data. IoT provides an opportunity to create a new and even unique user experience for customers. Computools helps to unlock the potential of the digitally-connected world and improve business models, with a new IoT strategy for your business, ensuring your competitive success.

Multi-channel Content Strategy

Strong content creates value for consumers and attracts genuine engagement. It demonstrates your credibility and trust, as well as enhances your reputation. To make your content investment even more robust and profitable, you need to integrate a platform to communicate with customers and technology to maintain it. Computools develops a well-structured multichannel platform strategy focused on your brand's requirements and needs.


Creating a competitive eCommerce website or application is a challenge even for experienced professionals. It will require not only knowledge and skills from the performers, but also a deep study of the needs of the customer, his target audience and products distributed through the Internet. Computools offers cutting-edge eСommerce website development and eCommerce app development services that help our clients to achieve ongoing eСommerce success and increase their ROI. Our certified in-house team provides eCommerce development services to transform online shops and to launch new ones. We begin work on each project with an in-depth analysis of the business, in order to identify the needs and factors that hinder further growth, and only then proceed to the development of optimal individual eCommerce solutions.


Make the most of a Software-as-a-Service platform (SaaS) to save money, time, and human resources. SaaS provides streamlined focus and greater productivity. Open your business up to greater flexibility and scalability with access to the cloud-based software from any device anywhere. Add or remove users, integrate with other systems, and build more components and features in a shorter amount of time. Work with Computools to create your very one SaaS platform.


Computools's processes are built to work as a robust, accurate, infallible mechanism. We work stably, systematically, correctly, using agile methodologies, appropriate technologies, and frameworks to deliver competitive solutions.

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Access to niche expertise and solutions that focus on quality, efficiency, and saving time.


Trusted innovation management and performance valued by world experts at the IIMP³rove Academy.

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Certified processes according to international standards and backed by experience.


Access to a multi-technology environment that enhances product development.


Security in knowing that you never have to question where you're at or what's happening in the development process.


Gain stability with a partner who believes in long-term relationships and views it as a fundamental value.


Work with teams that have your business goals in mind. Each step is a step towards improving your overall business processes.


Low staff turnover due to geographical location and leadership in the region.


A number of International association memberships allow us to understand your needs no matter where you're located in the world.


Collaboration with IT professional associations and the knowledge exchange that come with it keep us as an industry leader in IT development.


Confidence in the fact that we are respected as global IT-experts with awards and recognitions to prove it.


Regular internal seminars, training, and workshops contribute to the continuous improvement of Computools's engineers and analysts.

in house teams

Meet project deadlines through the instant scaling of an in-house digital team or adding professionals as needed.

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Gain instant access to expertise and niche solutions that provide fast and measurable results.

Professional engineers with niche skills

Utilize experienced engineers with the skills to deliver quality results on time and on budget.

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Get a dedicated team fully integrated into your company's processes, involved in your project, and under your management.


Computools will guide your company through a digital transformation.