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As a Business Founder, you look for possibilities to transform your ideas into elegant and efficient solutions. These solutions inevitably have a sizable technology component, so you are looking to build an exceptional technical team to support your business idea.
As a Chief Executive Officer, you are looking holistically at the operational and strategic development of your business. You need a reliable technology expert to consult with regarding crucial technical decisions.
As a Head of Product,  you aim to empower your product development process, rapidly iterate and deliver exceptional user experiences. You are looking to have a solid technical capability to support the product growth.
As an Investor, you seek to maximise the returns of your business portfolio. You would like to bring the experience of multiple technology projects into the business to strengthen the in-house team and maximise the chances of business success.


Technological transformation can be a complex and time-consuming task. It requires a company to invest significantly in technology, time and resources.
Before starting any technology transformation, you must clearly define the needs of the business. What does the company want to achieve through technology? What challenges do you need to solve?
The main challenge of technological transformation is that it requires the company to have a team or a person who will combine technical expertise, experience and understanding of business processes. This person must be able to see the big picture and understand how technology can help the company achieve its goals.
This person could be the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). The CTO is responsible for all aspects of the company's technology stack, from software development to infrastructure management. He or she should have deep technical knowledge and experience, as well as an understanding of the company's business processes. Moreover, they should be a leader who can clearly articulate the risks and benefits of proposed decisions, and propose practical solutions.


CTO as a Service (CTOaaS) offers a flexible and strategic approach to managing a company's technology needs. This service can vary based on your company's size, stage, and specific requirements. You can choose from:

Part-Time CTO: it is suitable for startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It is cost-effective for companies with limited budgets and offers you access to a wide range of technical expertise without the commitment of a full-time position.

Interim CTO: suitable for companies in transition, such as undergoing a merger, acquisition, or leadership changes. A CTO provides leadership during a transition period and shares the experience of going through business transformation.

Fractional CTO: suitable for small and medium businesses, non-profits, or companies with specific project needs. Such an expert offers specific knowledge and skills as required. The services can be scaled up or down based on the project's demands and constitute a series of consultations rather than a continuous service.

Advisory CTO: suitable for established businesses seeking strategic guidance. This service focuses on long-term tech strategy and planning, provides mentorship to internal tech leaders and teams.


Computools offers CTO as a Service, providing you with the expertise and guidance of a seasoned Chief Technology Officer on a flexible, on-demand basis. We don't just offer services; we become invested in your project's success, leading it with dedication and experience. We have a proven track record of boosting startups, scaling small and medium-sized companies, and driving digital transformation initiatives. Here's how Computools can empower your projects:



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