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Mobile App Development Services

Сutting-edge mobile apps enabling you to interact with your users wherever they are

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Computools’ experts provide Mobile App Development services in the following industries:

Mobile App Development Services

Inventory Management Apps

Computools develops inventory management apps for different businesses. Effective inventory management allows an organization to meet or exceed consumer expectations by creating an inventory of each item that maximizes net profits.

Mobile App Development Services

Delivery (transportation) Management Apps

Computools integrates optimal delivery systems based on business needs and requirements, thereby increasing the speed of rolling stock, the volume of transportation, and reducing downtime for loading and unloading operations.

Mobile App Development Services

Warehouse Management Apps

Computools specializes in developing WMS systems for distribution businesses and evaluating the efficiency of the logistics system. Get more detailed arrangement of goods in the warehouse, thereby optimizing the assembly of goods in the warehouse.

Mobile App Development Services

Digital Wallets

Computools understands howt to integrate digital wallets into various services and get a better shopping experience, keep sensitive financial details secure, and accept alternative payments like PayPal or Bitcoin.

Mobile App Development Services

Wealth Management Apps

Computools helps businesses get the latest data-driven analytics tools to empower their decisions and better understand clients' needs and achieve desired investment strategies.

Mobile App Development Services

Patient Portals Apps

Computools builds healthcare-related systems enabling patients to interact directly with doctors and hospitals, make appointments, easily access secure personal health information, and much more.

Mobile App Development Services

Telemedicine Apps

Computools offers a wide range of telemedicine solutions revolving focused on video-based medical consultations, remote monitoring, telehealth nursing, and remote physical and psychological therapy. All of this ensures accessibility for patients and a competitive advantage for businesses.

Mobile App Development Services

Hospital Management Apps

Computools integrates hospital management platforms that can track a patient's hospitalization from admission to discharge, including all activities related to the patient's stay in the medical facility.

Mobile App Development Services

Fitness Apps

Computools has firm expertise in creating fitness platforms integrating new technologies and competitive features that can offer extra value for businesses and users. Organize work, help monetize the application, attract new users, and retain current users.

Mobile App Development Services

Learning Management Educational Apps

Computools know how to develop a flexible, customizable education system to meet the broad learning needs of educational institutions and businesses. Learning management systems can be combined with other technologies such as administration, analytics, and reporting.

Mobile App Development Services

Educational Apps

Computools develops educational platforms to ensure consistent quality of services. Educational platforms offer a new world kind of e-learning when cutting-edge technology is introduced.

Mobile App Development Services

Hotel Management Apps

Computools helps automate hotel systems and link the work of different departments allowing hotels to control all the back-office processes in the hospitality field, simplify bookings, and integrate analytics.

Mobile App Development Services

Restaurant Reservation Apps

Computools offers the integration of various technologies to help restaurants grow their business. Restaurant reservation platforms ensure consistent foot traffic, simplify booking processes, reduce risks, and offer new monetization models.

Mobile App Development Services

Online Ordering Apps

Computools improves customer and order management, and makes service ordering more convenient through comprehensive online ordering platforms.

Mobile App Development Services

Uber-Like Apps

Computools is experienced in developing Uber-like platforms for drivers, riders, and dispatchers. Develop unique and modern features for a competitive advantage, and quick time to market.

Mobile App Development Services

Media Streaming Apps

Computools offers the integration of streaming platforms that can be used in various areas, including education, social media, music, or gaming. By integrating new technologies, businesses have more opportunities to compete with well-known brands and offer new features.

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Mobile App Development Services


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