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Computools experts find the right balance between your business objectives, technology needs & approach to building products your users will love.
We have experience in the building:


Online Marketplaces are currently among the most popular implementations of eCommerce solutions. Computools always offers our clients the most innovative solutions; software solutions that help to optimize processes of product selection, customer communication, banking cards processing, orders systematization, production accounting, supply chain planning, AI-powered search (intelligent voice search and deeply analyzed search) to build a quality marketplace together based on our experience for your benefit.

02Website development

Web Development is essential for any business, enterprise or a startup for ensuring seamless operations and give your website many different functionalities to ensure that your product/service functions properly with higher efficiency. If you need agile, integrated and visually appealing web solutions, without a second thought, you must partner with industry experts. Here, at Computools, we provide the technical flexibility and development ingenuity to deliver quality solutions.

03Web portals development

Web Portal Development is a multi-dimensional operation of knowledge and expertise at many levels, to ensure excellent results time after time. Our web portal expertise encompasses setting up job portals, travel portals, B2C portal development, auction portals, e-Commerce portals, matrimonial portals, real estate portals and much more. The rich experience gained during dozens of successfully executed projects allows us to provide solutions that meet the most challenging and tough market requirements. Regardless of the solution type and size, Computools pays equal attention to providing rich functionality, high availability, user-friendly interface, smooth and agile content delivery, mechanics and attractive design.

04Social networks development

Social network development consists of creating community portals, intranet software, co-creation platforms, microblogging solutions, and story-based social networking websites. In order to help our customers, increase employee productivity and reach target audiences online, we draw on our experience in designing stylish user interfaces, powerful back-ends and advanced collaboration tools including live chat, voice and video conferencing and baked-in analytics. We focus on creating attractive, easy to use and scalable social software that facilitates online communication and networking. Computools combines standard functionality, modules, and elements such as personalization, communication, blogs, wikis, and content sharing with unique applications tailored to the requirements of a specific community.

05Online video streaming development

Video Streaming is trending. In fact, one-third of all consumed content is accounted for as videos. Customers and employees alike are looking at video-based and video-enabled products to connect better with their chosen brands and perform their jobs. We position the latest inventions in the world of software development to develop the best solutions for our customers. Computools applies data analysis and artificial intelligence to provide individual content suggestions perfectly targeted to a user’s tastes.

06Content management system development

A content management system (CMS) is used for managing web content, allowing multiple contributors to create, edit and publish. It also allows us to create webpages, distribute copy and media, and manage websites. Computools has in-depth expertise in developing and delivering Content Management Systems. We offer services and solutions for each requirement; whether it is a highly interactive custom-built CMS for a brand website, a simple and user-friendly CMS for a self-managed portal or an enterprise-wide content management system. With the content management solutions Computools deploys, we ensure that businesses can deliver formally curated content with all checks and balances in place.

07 B2B Portal Development

Business to business (B2B) Portal is basically a business-to-business portal wherein an E-commerce transaction is done amongst multiple businesses. It also helps in linking one business to the other around the globe. B2B Portals assist our clients in managing their sales and promotional activities, marketing programs, ensuring quality support and service functions. Our expert technical team develops portals according to our client’s needs. We offer B2B fully customized solutions that will promote your products and services. Computools provides the complete range of business and technical services to deliver the competitive, operational and financial advantages expected of B2B portals.

08SaaS development

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is a viable choice for organizations looking for the accessibility and versatility of software solutions and data analysis tools without the need to rely on installing and running applications on their own computer systems and data centers. SaaS is a software distribution model that offers a lot of agility and cost-effectiveness for companies, which is why it’s such a reliable option for numerous business models and industries. Successful SaaS solution includes web apps, mobile apps, APIs, efficient data storage, and cloud hosting. Computools’ experts are proficient in the technologies needed to build a SaaS solution for your business, and we have a good understanding of what real-world challenges SaaS product development services can solve for you and your customers. We provide a well-organized and configurable software that can be accessed from anywhere with only a few clicks.

09Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive Web Applications combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile experience. The apps use modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. These applications usually meet certain requirements, are deployed to servers, accessible through URLs, and indexed by search engines. One of the main benefits: Progressive Web Application development is cheaper than building two separate native platforms for iOS and Android. Computools builds reachable PWAs that empower conversion rates and decrease product costs. We strive to design Progressive Web Applications for the mobile web and make them a perfect tool that is required for your e-commerce business to make profits by attracting customers. A Progressive Web Application developed by our engineers will boost your app strategy with greater reach and engagement.

10Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development is building an application that is based on the client’s requirements and expectations. It can be devoted to various goals and created to solve different problems. The choice of an individual web application for the internal work of a company is relevant both for a startup and for a large enterprise since a specially designed application will take into account all the nuances and needs of a certain company. Computools is an expert in custom web application development services. We build business-driven, user-focused and innovative web apps for small, medium and large businesses. Our experienced web developers deliver web apps for any purpose and goal, of any type and complexity.

11e-Commerce Development Services

Creating a competitive eCommerce website or application is a challenge even for experienced professionals. It will require not only knowledge and skills from the performers, but also a deep study of the needs of the customer, his target audience and products distributed through the Internet. Computools offers cutting-edge eСommerce website development and eCommerce app development services that help our clients to achieve ongoing eСommerce success and increase their ROI. Our certified in-house team provides eCommerce development services to transform online shops and to launch new ones. We begin work on each project with an in-depth analysis of the business, in order to identify the needs and factors that hinder further growth, and only then proceed to the development of optimal individual eCommerce solutions.

12Big Data web development

Big Data is increasingly affecting web development, allowing for the creation of responsive, user-friendly websites in various industries. Big Data collects and analyzes huge amounts of information, such as a heat map, traffic, search queries. Based on the Big Data reports, you can improve the website in a timely manner, making it more convenient for customers. In addition, you get the opportunity to analyze email mailings to make them more effective. Computools has extensive experience in web development based on Big Data technology. We offer solutions that allow you to cope with a large amount of information, analyze it and further improve customer experience. We also implement Big Data elements that allow you to develop new services and products for your customers.

13AI web development

The use of AI in web development is becoming a must-have trend due to its ability to solve the main tasks of the website. AI helps improve the search for the desired product or service, making it more accurate and fast. Moreover, AI allows us to create and configure smart voice searches for mobile and desktop versions of the site. AI also allows us to make more accurately targeted recommendations to customers, focusing on their last requests. Computools’ specialists develop and implement AI solutions of any complexity. We have already become experts in creating trend AI chatbots, self-learning algorithms and special solutions that allow for improving customer experience. We always try to find out the exact needs of the client, thus we conduct an audit of the site (if it already exists), in order to offer an individual solution that is most suitable for the task.

Web development

Using innovative programming languages and frameworks, Computools’ web developers create technically comprehensive development with high-end customization to meet your business needs.


JavaScript, Typescript:

  • React
  • Vue
  • Angular
  • Native


  • SASS
  • Bootstrap



  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • Yii
  • Codeigniter
  • Silex


  • Spring Framework
  • Play

ASP. Net

  • .NET Core


  • Expresses
  • Koa.js


  • Django
  • Flask


  • Google Standard Lib
  • Chi


  • Wordpress

Application Development For Android And iOS

Computools experts integrate design, API’s and sophisticated code to create functional and effective mobile apps. We’re continuously mastering the latest mobile technological tools.


  • Flutter
  • React Native


  • Java
  • Kotlin

Application development for windows, mac, linux

Computools is closely following the latest industry trends and cutting-edge techniques to put them into practice.


  • Qt5
  • WinAPI
  • STL
  • Boost
  • OpenGL
  • FF Mpeg
  • XII
  • MFC
  • ATL
  • SDL


  • WCF
  • WPF
  • UWP
  • WinForm
  • XNA
  • Extensible Application
    Markup Language


  • Java SE
  • Java FX
  • AWT
  • SWT
  • Swing

VR Software Development

Computools' experts use the power of VR technologies to create for you immersive products from conception through production.


  • Microsoft VR
  • Oculus SDK
  • SteamVR
  • MRTK
  • Cardboard

AR Software Development

Full-cycle AR software development from idea to commercial launch.





Game Development

Computools provide game software solutions that range from game design to application development.


  • Vuforia, WCF
  • WPF
  • UWP
  • WinForm
  • XNA
  • Extensible Application
    Markup Language


  • Java SE
  • Java FX
  • AWT
  • SWT
  • Swing


  • AVFoundation
  • CoreImage
  • CoreData
  • StoreKit
  • PassKit
  • ARKit
  • HealthKit
  • Metal


  • React
  • Vue
  • Angular
  • Native


  • AVFoundation
  • CoreImage
  • CoreData
  • StoreKit
  • PassKit
  • HealthKit
  • ARKit
  • Metal



Why Computools?


Access to expertise and Computools own key niche solutions provides saving time.


Computools LLC innovation management performance was valued by world experts in IMP³rove Academy.

ISO 9001:2015

Computools processes is certified according to international standards and has been refined by years of experience.

A Wide Range of Technology Stack

Computools’ multi technology experience allows select optimal technology for product development.


Computools values openness and transparency in all business processes thus you will always know what stage the development is.


Computools builds long-term relationships. This value forms the foundation of the company.


Main priority of the project team is your business goals, unique differentiators and challenges.


Low staff turnover by to geography and leadership in the region.

Partnering with countries

Computools' international associations' membership allows to better understand the needs and particular features of customers around the world.

IT clusters – collaboration

Computools supports collaboration with IT Professional Associations for experience and knowledge exchange, innovative solutions' development.

Award wins

The high level of Computools’ IT-expertise awarded and appreciated by awards and recognitions.

Continuing Skills Enhancement

Regular internal seminars, training, and workshops contribute to the continuous improvement of the company's engineers skills.

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