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UX/UI Design Services

create positive user experiences with computools to get predictable results from your product’s strategic goals

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Computools has been working with products' interfaces for 10+ years now and we understand how to design in a way that results in your and your users’/customers’ benefit.

UX/UI Design Services

01. Consulting

While creating a useful product, it’s important to understand the big picture of how it’ll be used, why it’ll be used, what problems it solves, and what impressions it leaves behind. User experience is a whole ecosystem of interactions, and it takes a senior team to break those interactions down into a compounded story. Our team guides you through this journey to make the process as quick and affordable as possible while discovering the necessary pieces of information needed for a high-performance product.

UX/UI Design Services

02. customer experience strategy

There's only one step between the UX you have and the UX you want; a customer experience strategy. Within any good strategy, there are KPIs for indicating whether or not you’re moving in the direction you need for higher profitability. Our team of business analysts and experts is responsible for setting the right strategies and solutions that’ll ultimately lead to improved performance, a better user experience, and increased profits.

UX/UI Design Services

03. Market and user research

Successful product launches and their ongoing performance depend heavily on the market. Computools will help you enter the right market to reach your target audience with an up-front, in-depth market analysis. We assist you in developing a concept based on the demands and behavior of potential users. This approach makes Computools-developed products stand out among competitors because from day one, they’re built to solve users’ pain points.

Competitive analysis will help you better understand the current trends in the market. At this stage, the Computools team consults you on what UI would better fit your product, unique features that are emerging in the industry, what the standards of interaction with users are, and their general response to it. Learn more about all your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths to build a product that users want and need.

UX/UI Design Services

04. UX. User flow

Considering your product vision and marketing research results, we’ll shape the scope and describe the users' roles and the required functionality. Computools will describe user stories and the main user flow and prioritize features for the first and 2-3 upcoming releases. First, we’ll detail the user flow of the first stage and specify it for each of the roles. Then, we’ll iteratively achieve the most effective solution for the user.

UX/UI Design Services


Computools will design a detailed product map and determine the relationship and entity variations. We’ll modify the user flow if necessary to optimize the information display.

UX/UI Design Services

06. wireframing

Computools will design product wireframes for each role according to the sitemap & user flow. We'll test priority user flows utilizing prototypes and optimize interface solutions.

UX/UI Design Services

07. iterative approach

We believe the UX design and wireframing stages will require iterative work towards optimizing and simplifying user journeys and product interface comprehensibility. While iterating, we plan to consider your feedback and the results of corridor testing of the product interface. Proceeding from the above, the scope of work may vary from month to month.

UX/UI Design Services

08. Security UX

​In the modern world, any web and mobile development products are sensitive to security issues, and this aspect must by no means be omitted when developing a user experience. For any user, the ideal design is user-friendly, intuitive, and secure in terms of personal and banking data. Computools’ UX designers integrate security during the product creation phase. As interpreters, they make complex technology algorithms accessible and understandable through interaction.

UX/UI Design Services

09. final prototyping

At this stage, we collect all the wireframes and pieces of the previous stages’ work into a final prototype that fully reflects your idea and the usability of the future product for all stakeholders.

The final prototype can then be handed over for UI creation and Product Architecture creation prior to the Product Development stage initiation.

UX/UI Design Services

09. UX optimization

A negative user experience consistently results in a lack of product performance. If you launch a product, you need to monitor its data and adopt optimization strategies early on. To understand a user's thought process and the journey they take using your product, you need to do research and analysis. Computools will help you clearly define your target audience's primary objectives for interacting with your product, examine all processes, and implement the necessary changes to improve performance and productivity metrics.

UX/UI Design Services

11. style guide creation

Computools designers will help to form a unified style and a coherent design, that includes overall stylistics, icons, colors, and fonts. Style Guide is a special system with carefully selected details, each of them will determine the final result. In addition, Computools clients receive a customized solution, which includes the selection of color palettes, typography, and custom design components: buttons, icons, grids, modal windows, etc.

UX/UI Design Services

12. user interface design

On this stage Computools designers create the website or application's exterior based on Style Guide. If UX Design makes the interface simple and understandable to the user, UI Design is responsible for attracting and holding the user's attention. UI design performs a dialogue with the user. It immerses the user into the desired atmosphere. Computools designers develop unique website styles for each industry, and UI Design is the first one to welcome the user.

UX/UI Design Services

13. Implementation with engineers

After user testing and approval, it's time to hand over the design materials to the development team for implementation.


with Сomputools you can be sure that quality is always top of mind. we use next visual media tools to create and visualize designs



UX/UI Design Services


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