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AI Development Services

Increase your competitive advantage and improve efficiency by integrating AI into your business

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See what types of AI can be applied to different projects and how they can help businesses increase efficiency, customer experience, reduce costs, and improve the quality of business decisions.

AI Development Services

ai for big data

Manage large volumes of data while combining multiple information sources to improve how AI operates within your application.

Combining AI and Big Data will help you establish patterns between different data sets. Thereby improving analytics, decision-making, forecasting, and identifying risks.

AI Development Services

deep learning big data

Deep Learning is another kind of AI based on neural networks. Unlike machine learning, deep learning has self-learning capabilities and doesn’t rely on set algorithms to process data. The more information the neural networks receive, the more effective the learning process is.

This type of AI is widely used in computer vision, natural language processing, and predictive modeling.

Spheres taking advantage of this form of AI are marketing, entertainment, customer services, and even many in the public sector.

AI Development Services

expert systems

This AI-based system can replace a human expert when solving problems in a highly specialized area.

To solve a particular problem, AI relies on a custom knowledge base tailored to different types of businesses.

Expert systems can include the following functionality:
  • Assist employees in decision-making
  • Suggest alternative ways for problem-solving
  • Provide explanations
  • Data selection
  • Determine the probable causes of deviations from the set process
And other functionality that solves various problems in a wide variety of problem areas, such as finance, energy, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.

AI Development Services

classification tasks big data

Systematically sort big data.

Based on the set parameters, automatic data classification can help sort massive volumes of data for your business, reduce needed human resources, and increase accuracy.

Classification of big data can include the following:
  • Process requests, CVs, and documents
  • Assign labels to input data
  • Categorize data sets by features
  • Compare data
  • Study the relationship between different types of data

AI Development Services

object media recognition

Use AI for content recognition tasks.

Easily recognize text on documents, scan signatures, detect objects on photos and videos, etc.

These features significantly reduce human labor and increase working processes' accuracy by eliminating the possibility of human error.

AI Development Services

media files ai processing

Improve image quality to obtain the desired visual result and speed up media processing.

Deep learning makes preparing images and videos for further analysis more streamlined: object recognition, classification, or image interpretation.

Computools offers a wide range of media file processing with the help of AI that can include such operations as noise reduction, sound modulation, batch media processing, improving a blurry photo, increasing resolution, and contrast, brightening a dark photo, removing optical distortions, reconstructing compressed photos, and much more.

AI Development Services

virtual assistant

Integrate a virtual business assistant to get a detailed analysis of all your business processes.

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, a virtual assistant tool can be a competent advisor in the following areas:
  • Improving customer service
  • Boosting the efficiency of your company's business processes
  • Increasing revenue and maximizing sales
  • Identifying trends
  • Predicting product demand
  • Classifying customers and predicting their behavior

AI Development Services

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How Does It Work

Computools embeds AI capabilities into software to provide you with more intelligent and automated solutions

Data Analysis

A deep analysis of the project's goals identifies the main need, whether that's to solve a task or automate processes through AI solutions. The result of this analysis makes building an expert system or neural network clearer. An expert system is man-made, a unique and very accurate model of the calculation is used. While a neural network is made using sophisticated machine learning. Engineers analyze what class the problem belongs to, the available data sets (quality and volume), and form signs from them. The network architecture is formed based on the type of task, and the learning process begins (architecture tuning, optimizer parameters, error function and form of signs).


Computools' developers carry out and implement your solution using expert knowledge and skills. Enjoy professionally formulated expert systems with accurate processes that solve problems faster and more efficiently. Benefit from a neural network built using deep machine learning that's fast to implement, self-learning, and doesn't require an operator or developer.


The support and maintenance of implemented AI solutions contribute to their regular improvement: adding new functions and algorithms, updating libraries, fixing bugs, applying the latest developments, etc. Computools is committed to providing the highest quality products and the long-term maintenance needed to keep them doing what you need them to.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

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AI Development Services

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