Artificial intelligence

Increase competitive advantage and improve efficiency by integrating AI into your business.

Artificial Intelligence for Consumer Services

AI Solutions for Restaurants

Meet customer expectations by providing exceptional service. Apply a face recognition system to offer the best table to your golden customers. Mix AI with Big Data Analytics to predict the taste preferences of the visitors. Apply AI Solutions to grow your business and predict a customer's behavior, preferences, and any other key characteristics.

AI Solutions for Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Lines

AI Solutions will be useful for customer segmentation and personalization that can help provide dynamic pricing solutions for each category. It is also able to predict demand for certain services and travel directions. Use AI as an intelligent travel assistant for your customers: help them choose the most fitted hotel or resort according to their preferences, finances, and character.

AI Solutions for Education Services

Deliver personalized learning: identify and recognize the unique learning patterns of different students; track the progress of each student, modify courses for each group of students, and analyze the profiles of successful students to find matches and offer improvements. Apply AI to predict the KPI of an educational organization based on other KPI to accomplish your projects and ideas.

Artificial Intelligence for Retailing

AI Solutions for Internet & Direct Marketing Retail

Increase your sales using AI to forecast demand, personalize shopping experience, predict customer solvency; detect frauds and protect your online platform from them. Enhance your business by adopting AI solutions for supply chain planning, inventory management or price optimization. Overcome your competitors by analyzing the success of a future marketing campaign.

AI Solutions for Automotive Retail

Use AI algorithms to predict travel time, traffic congestion, and even vehicle breakdowns. The AI can also offer you route recommendations based on fuel consumption and even parking availability.

Artificial Intelligence for Financials

AI Solutions for Banks

AI-based financial analytics offer more effective and accurate data for credit scoring, fraud detection or work with macroeconomic indicators of a bank, a region, or the whole country. AI smart advisors and personalized wealth management assistants help banks’ staff provide customized services to each client. Use AI to predict the success of an advertising campaign, determine the target audience for each product and predict period-based profit using collected data.

AI Solutions for Investment Banking & Brokerage

Predictive analytics are the most valuable things AI can offer to Investment banks today. The use of algorithms allows banks to make accurate forecasts based on expert knowledge, several times faster than any human analyst. Thus, traders are more productive, resulting in saved time, costs, and more profitable transactions take place.

AI Solutions for Financial Exchanges & Data

The sheer volume of trading information available for machines to analyze, makes artificial intelligence and machine learning formidable tools in the financial exchange market. AI is used to work on micro indicators, process and analyze charts, and stock quotes. The gathered data results in more informed and successful decisions.

AI Solutions for Insurance

With AI, insurance companies get the opportunity to optimally use their massive amounts of data. Apply Artificial Intelligence capabilities to craft individualized policies, automate time-consuming back-end processes and provide estimates with greater accuracy to your customers. Use AI for forecasting: calculate the likelihood of a particular insured event and determine how many more insured events will happen the following year. Use the predicted data to optimize the company as a whole.

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

AI Solutions for Health Care Equipment & Supplies

Increase focus on diagnostics automation (images, sounds, signals). Expand the capability of your medical equipment using AI and make more accurate reports and data.

AI Solutions for Health Care Providers & Services

AI solutions make personalized healthcare possible. Machine learning algorithms help inpatient diagnostics and identifying at-risk patients based on their medical history. Applying ML for clinical data analysis helps identify known cases of a disease, analyze the course of the disease, choose the optimal treatment method for it while taking into account the age, weight, gender, nationality, and the patient’s other illnesses, quicker.

AI Solutions for Healthcare Technology

Make accurate predictions using AI when developing new technologies such as devices, vaccines and drugs. Using algorithms makes it possible to predict almost any factor, the effect it can have on other factors and the degree of its influence on the environment.

AI Solutions for Life Sciences Tools & Services

Speed up your creation of new life science tools and services by implementing AI-driven research. Significantly reduce the time spent on preliminary research, collecting and searching for the necessary data. An ML neural network will identify patterns and key factors for your project.

How Does It Work

Computools embeds AI capabilities in the software to provide you with more intelligent, automated solutions.


Data Analysis

A deep analysis of the project's goals identifies the main need, whether that's to solve a task or automate processes through AI solutions. The result of this analysis makes building an expert system or neural network clearer. An expert system is man-made, a unique and very accurate model of the calculation is used. While a neural network is made using sophisticated machine learning. Engineers analyze what class the problem belongs to, analyze the available data (quality and volume) of the sets, and form signs from them. The network architecture is formed based on the type of task, and the learning process begins (architecture tuning, optimizer parameters, error function and form of signs).



Computools's developers carry out and implement your solution using expert knowledge and skills. Enjoy professionally formulated expert systems with accurate processes that solve problems faster and more efficiently. Benefit from a neural network built using deep machine learning that's fast to implement, self-learning and doesn't require an operator or developer.



The support and maintenance of implemented AI solutions contribute to their regular improvement: adding new functions and algorithms, updating libraries, fixing bugs, applying the latest developments, etc. Computools is committed to providing the highest quality products and the long-term maintenance needed to keep them doing what you need them to.

Computools’s Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Bring a competitive advantage to your business with reliable AI solutions.
Even the smallest AI efforts on your side will be rewarded with decreased risks and expenses and increased effectiveness and conversions. Just one automated daily task will start a chain reaction of successful innovation. Computools’s AI solutions will help you to meet changing business needs.

Expert Systems

An Expert System is an interactive and reliable AI-based decision-making system that uses both facts and heuristics to solve complex decision-making problems. It is considered at the highest level of human intelligence and expertise. It is used to solve the most complex issues in a specific domain. The most widely expert systems are used in automation however, their capabilities can be used for any industry. According to the given parameters, the system can find the necessary data, compile reports and display results faster than any human expert. It provides efficiency, accuracy and imaginative problem-solving.

Deep Machine Learning

Embedded deep machine learning solutions interpret critical data, discover trends, and mark similar patterns that help businesses make better decisions. Moreover, deep learning finds insights hidden in data without explicitly being told where to look or what to conclude. Computools's AI solutions include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools with automated feature engineering capabilities, resulting in better recommendations for faster, smarter business growth.

Forecasting & Optimization

Forecasting or predictive analytics is one of the most important business tools today. AI solutions take this to a new level by making effective and accurate predictions of future profits, consumer behavior, and market changes. Such applications are capable of processing a large amount of information, highlighting important factors to provide the most detailed forecast. This, in turn, allows companies to optimize processes on time and make relevant business decisions.

Virtual Assistance

AI virtual assistants can greatly simplify and speed up many of the company's internal processes. Add AI-powered chatbots to automate customer support and reduce issues managed by live agents. Provide customers with the best of both worlds: let bots manage common queries and leave the live human support to manage complex issues. Use assistance programs to clean images, work with sound (cleaning, acoustic separation) and other data streams in order to search for patterns without specific parameters. That allows a comprehensive and deeper analysis of any information.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is a common name for apps that analyze and interpret objects in a picture or video. AI solutions use computer vision to accelerate intelligent automation with simple tools for image processing, image recognition, and object detection. Face and object recognition systems are widely used in government security programs, however, the same technology can be applied to realize business goals. For example, face recognition in consumer services can help to predict customer preferences and behavior.



  • С++
  • Python
  • Java
  • GO (for collecting and processing Big Data firstly)


  • ML TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • PyTorch
  • OpenCV
  • Spark for working with data set.


  • depends on need form SQL
  • PostgreSQL to document/column-oriented like HBase
  • Cassandra
  • ClickHouse

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