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User Interface Design

Take advantage of Computools`s approach to building a competitive UI for your product



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Computools`s analysts and designers take all the logical steps and practices to deliver modern and world-class user interfaces.

User Interface Design

Market and user research

Competitive analysis will help you better understand the current trends in the market. At this stage, the Computools team consults you on what UI would better fit your product, unique features that are emerging in the industry, what the standards of interaction with users are, and their general response to it. Learn more about all your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths to build a product that users want and need.


Epson Case Study

The ReadyInk System, developed for Epson, is an independent assistant that can monitor the ink level in specific printers in real-time and automatically notify both users and resellers of the need to refill the cartridges. The system is also able to order necessary cartridges and arrange their delivery to the store or the user’s door. Let us help you in developing similar robust and business-oriented products that will help you scale up and offer value.

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User Interface Design


Best practices for UI assures that you’re taking steps that result in a well-designed product. The Computools team offers consulting to help you discover which visual style will make your product stand out from your competitors while at the same time giving your users a great experience, study market trends, understand business requirements, and approaches used by your competitors.

Through in-depth industry analysis and detailed project discussion, Computools suggests the most suitable UI design for your product.


MeterSnap Case Study

MeterSnap is a mobile application developed for the energy company that expedites the inspectors’ work and prevents fraud. It is a cost-effective and convenient solution that led to increased profits and transformed the client's business. Want to build a product? We can offer a wide range of services starting from consultation and business analysis to design and development.

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User Interface Design


Prototyping and cooperation at the design stage is a prerequisite of an attractive UI that will give a better impact. It helps to evaluate and hone the UI that will be used in the final version of the product.

At this stage, it’s possible to present new requirements and ideas to designated developers and designers and discuss the workflow to make sure that the final version of the product is fully consistent with your preferences and goals.


IELTS Case Study

Feel free to contact us in case you want to build a product or simply seek a consultation.

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User Interface Design


Designing interactive UI is a complex process that requires proper strategy and planning.

Any design should be supported and guided by KPIs and the needs of your audience. Computools`s business analysts will develop a portrait of your target audience and work through other strategies that are required for a stellar UI that will resonate with your users.


CREELiT Case Study

CREELiT’s online platform allows real estate agents in the United States to automate their marketing activities. The platform's ‘web-to-print’ functionality provides real estate agents with the opportunity to significantly reduce their marketing efforts: an agent chooses a design template directly from the dashboard for anything from a business card to a billboard, and then easily customizes it. Subsequent printing and scheduled door-to-door shipments happen automatically and effortlessly. CREELiT allows real estate agents to focus on their core business activity. Let us help you in developing similar robust and business-oriented products that will help you scale up and offer value.

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User Interface Design

Product design

UI design includes the combination of fonts, color palettes, font shapes, animations, and other UI elements that give a particular product its aesthetics.

Apart from that, special attention is paid to creating an appearance that will be associated with the brand, attract users, meet modern design standards, and build trust in the product or service.


Keller Covered Case Study

Keller Covered is a convenient and intuitive service for getting insurance quotes for real estate based on a detailed questionnaire. The user, usual a home owner will enter the necessary details about the house, apartment or land and receive a list of quotes which they can then look over and purchase. Let us help you in developing similar robust and business-oriented products that will help you scale up and offer value.

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User Interface Design

Implementation with engineers

After user testing and approval, it's time to hand over the design materials to the development team for implementation.



Synergy FX’s customer-focused platform provides users with four key advantages; true ECN pricing, transparency, instant order fills, and anonymity. Almost all operations are executed automatically. This ensures well-timed and reliable trading for users. The website has a convenient UX/UI design for direct sales that’s highly attractive for users and investors. Let us help you in developing similar robust and business-oriented products that will help you scale up and offer value.

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