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User Interface Design

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User Interface Design

01. Consulting

Best practices for UI assures that you’re taking steps that result in a well-designed product. The Computools team offers consulting to help you discover which visual style will make your product stand out from your competitors while at the same time giving your users a great experience, study market trends, understand business requirements, and approaches used by your competitors.

Through in-depth industry analysis and detailed project discussion, Computools suggests the most suitable UI design for your product.

User Interface Design

02. Market and user research

Competitive analysis will help you better understand the current trends in the market. At this stage, the Computools team consults you on what UI would better fit your product, unique features that are emerging in the industry, what the standards of interaction with users are, and their general response to it. Learn more about all your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths to build a product that users want and need.

User Interface Design

03. style guide creation

Computools designers will help to form a unified style and a coherent design, that includes overall stylistics, icons, colors, and fonts. Style Guide is a special system with carefully selected details, each of them will determine the final result. In addition, Computools clients receive a customized solution, which includes the selection of color palettes, typography, and custom design components: buttons, icons, grids, modal windows, etc.

User Interface Design

04. user interface design

On this stage Computools designers create the website or application's exterior based on Style Guide. If UX Design makes the interface simple and understandable to the user, UI Design is responsible for attracting and holding the user's attention. UI design performs a dialogue with the user. It immerses the user into the desired atmosphere. Computools designers develop unique website styles for each industry, and UI Design is the first one to welcome the user.

User Interface Design

05. Implementation with engineers

After user testing and approval, it's time to hand over the design materials to the development team for implementation.

User Interface Design


Prototyping and cooperation at the design stage is a prerequisite of an attractive UI that will give a better impact. It helps to evaluate and hone the UI that will be used in the final version of the product.

At this stage, it’s possible to present new requirements and ideas to designated developers and designers and discuss the workflow to make sure that the final version of the product is fully consistent with your preferences and goals.

User Interface Design

02. Strategy

Designing interactive UI is a complex process that requires proper strategy and planning.

Any design should be supported and guided by KPIs and the needs of your audience. Computools`s business analysts will develop a portrait of your target audience and work through other strategies that are required for a stellar UI that will resonate with your users.

user interface Design



with Computools you can be sure that quality is always top of mind. we use next visual media tools to create and visualize designs

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