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As a Chief Executive Officer, you would like to find ways to solve complex technology problems for the company that cannot be solved by existing products and services on the market. You want to gain a competitive advantage by using unique technologies.


As a Chief Technology Officer, you want to explore the possibilities of new technologies and determine how to integrate them into your specific situation successfully.


As a Chief Innovation Officer, you want to create unique products and services that are different from existing products and services in the market. You want to develop innovative growth strategies and attract quality teams and new customers.


As a Chief Operations Officer, you want to optimise the company’s operational processes to improve productivity and reduce costs more effectively than existing technology can provide. You are also looking for ways to develop innovative management practices that will allow the company to be more flexible and adaptive to market changes.


New technologies reshape markets and you want to be the company that shifts the market, not the one that loses it. New technology is not just an opportunity to make a profit, it’s an opportunity to capture the market.

As an executive leader in a company, you are under constant pressure to implement new technologies and ideas so that the company remains competitive. You often face complex problems that cannot be solved with existing solutions. In addition, you may be limited in time, money and human resources. You have to make decisions in an uncertain environment, not knowing how new technologies will affect your business.


Computools creates innovative solutions that meet specific needs. We can solve problems that other companies can't or won't solve, and we make sure that our clients get a working solution. We craft a unique solution to your challenge.

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Whether we’re designing customer experiences, dealing with our clients or managing our teams, we lead with empathy. Technology is for everyone, not just the geeks. That’s why we focus on using clear, intelligible language, treating every stakeholder with respect and providing support at all stages of development. By starting with a shared understanding of what makes us all human, we’re able to create the favorable conditions necessary to develop our best-in-class solutions.