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About The Platform

A Constructor Solutions Kit is an application that sells products that can be assembled in a variety of ways to your customers. Using constructor solutions kits customers are provided with an opportunity to assemble complex and highly customizable products, which shows the customer what the final product will look like and immediately be able to purchase it.

Original and unusual solutions like this allow you to sell goods and services like never before. Thanks to the latest technology, you can transform customer expectations, and offer them new experiences.

An eCommerce Constructor Solutions Kit simplifies the interaction between seller and customer and offers significant benefits.

Major Benefits

reduction in development time
cost reduction
less risk of unforeseen problems
increase in the speed of adding new options
reduction in the price of adding new options
This data is based on the statistics collected before and after the implementation and development processes of 3D, AR and VR applications for our clients.

Key Advantages

The ability to show many product variants to customers in an intuitive way.
The ability to sell “a feeling” to customers before they purchase the product.
Unique experiences help reduce the probability of a customer asking for a refund.
The kit includes deep analytics tools that allow sellers to find out what their customers like, dislike and do on the website.
Implementation of a 3D environment to optimize the selling process.
The application supports platforms such as iOS, Android, and Desktop.
Accepts credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.
VR & AR Support.

Would Be Beneficial To

Startups with ideas in innovative production, and online sales.
Small and medium-sized businesses with existing online stores which are going to provide innovative services.
Small and medium-sized businesses that want to upgrade their eCommerce marketplace.
Enterprises that strive to establish dominance and forward-thinking in certain product production or the whole industry.

High-Level Goals

  • Minimizing costs
  • Quick launch
  • Reducing risks
  • Getting expertise in the domain of online selling (acknowledge risks and problems/ability to view the demo version)
  • Upgrading sales channels
  • Ability to manipulate innovative sales channels
  • Enhancing brand presence on the market
  • Easy integration with an existing system
  • Operational flexibility - the ability to add new features fast, while avoiding risks
  • Short time-to-market delivery of new features
  • Errorless content
  • Provide unlimited variants of personalized products
  • Eliminate time-consuming customer-side thinking processes;
  • Deep marketing integration
  • Scalability;
  • Reducing designing costs;
  • Improving operational efficiency

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