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About The Platform

An eCommerce Interactive Solutions Kit is an application that allows the customer to interact with your product and compare the experience to previous models. This solution creates the need and desire within the customer to purchase a new model based solely on the positive emotions experienced while testing it.

The process is similar to an interactive game, and the implemented entertainment element allows the customer to gain new experience without applying any special knowledge. It is the perfect tool for maximizing customer involvement in the purchase process.

An eCommerce Interactive Solutions Kit offers significant seller benefits.

Major Benefits

reduction in development time
cost reduction
less risk of unforeseen problems
increase in the speed of adding new options
reduction in the price of adding new options
This data is based on the statistics collected before and after the implementation of this solution in the development processes of 3D, AR and VR applications for our clients.

Key Advantages

The ability to give the customer the unique opportunity to interact with the new product model and compare it to the old one.
Evidence factor: the customer can test the new product and make sure it’s more effective than the previous one.
The application’s simplicity allows everyone to achieve new customer experience.
The ability with built-in sides to conduct in-depth analyses of customer behavior and preferences.
Implemented biometric experience analysis.
Reducing the amount of customer refunds.
The ability to use sounds and physics adding significantly to the buying experience.
Supported platforms: Desktop VR, iOS 3d, Android 3d, and AR Option.

Would Be Beneficial To

Startups that need to show their product’s advantages.
Small and medium-sized businesses that need to compare different products in one category using form factors.
Small and medium-sized businesses that need to prove a product’s advantages to customers through their own actions and experience.
Enterprises that need to enhance customer engagement and keeping the lead’s attention focused on the brand.

High-Level Goals

  • Diminishing costs
  • Faster launch
  • Decreasing risks
  • Delegate and provide user expertise to the customer
  • Interactive
  • Opportunity to operate new channels
  • Boosting brand performance on the market
  • Harmonious consolidation with an existing system
  • Variability - the option to add new functions quickly and without risks
  • Short time-to-market delivery of new features
  • Сontent with fewer errors
  • Experience tool - track customer actions
  • Deep marketing adoption
  • Expandability
  • Gamification of the sales process
  • Delivering world-class experience to customers
  • Creating unique promotional platform

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