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About The Platform

An eCommerce Showroom Solutions Kit is an application that allows you to demonstrate the capabilities of any product, including an innovative product that has no analogs on the market. You can literally show the customer all the options and functions of the product before purchasing it.

The main purpose of this application is to create a desire to own the product and encourage a deliberate purchase through the customer’s experience while using it. Solutions Kit allows you to adapt the application to your needs and products.

An eCommerce Showroom Solutions Kit offers significant seller benefits.

Major Benefits

reduction in development time
cost reduction
less risk of unforeseen problems
increase in the speed of adding new options
reduction in the cost of adding new options
This data is based on the statistics collected before and after the implementation of this solution in the development processes of 3D and VR applications for our clients.

Key Advantages

The ability to inspire a desire to purchase a product using its features in a 3D environment.
The opportunity to provide customers with new buying experiences before the actual purchase.
The ability to analyze customer behavior, their likes/dislikes using implemented deep analytics tools.
Implemented biometric experience analysis.
Reduction in customer refunds.
The ability to use sounds and physics adding significantly to the buying experience.
Supported platforms: Desktop VR, iOS 3d, Android 3d, and AR Option.
Accepts credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.

Would Be Beneficial To

Startups that need to show their products on the market arena.
Small and medium-sized businesses that need to represent all the benefits of complex products.
Small and medium-sized businesses that need more customer engagement.
Enterprises that seek to expand their market influence using new ways of presenting the advantages of goods.

High-Level Goals

  • Decreasing costs
  • Fast and easy launch
  • Minimizing risks
  • Provide user expertise to the customer
  • Reducing the number of customer refunds
  • Access to new channel manipulation
  • Empowering brand presence on the market
  • Implementation into an existing system
  • Adaptability - the opportunity to add new features fast and risk-free
  • Short time-to-market delivery of new features
  • Сontent with fewer errors
  • Real audio experience as an additional marketing tool
  • Deep marketing implementation
  • Extensibility;
  • Expanding customer engagement;
  • Gaining global markets

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