Computools at Dublin Tech Summit 2023: Europe’s Premier Tech Festival

Dublin Tech Summit, the epicenter of tech advancements, will showcase leading minds in the industry. Computools experts will be there to discover fresh insights and expertise.

May 31, 2023
Ireland, Dublin

Computools is excited to announce it’s going to Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) 2023, Europe’s Fastest Growing Tech Festival, taking place from May 31 to June 1. This two-day event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts, making it a key event within the international tech scene.

Computools is thrilled to be at Dublin Tech Summit. Sergii Tymchuk, Chief Executive Officer; Mykhaylo Hnatyev, Chief Business Development Officer, and Oleg Stepanov, Сhief Digital Transformation Officer at Computools, will be there to explore emerging technologies, connect with like-minded professionals, and drive innovation forward.

Dublin, renowned as one of the world’s most active technology hubs, has become the EMEA base for several global tech companies. Dublin Tech Summit serves as a vital platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration, attracting professionals from diverse industries who share a common passion for technology-driven innovation.

DTS23 boasts an impressive lineup of distinguished speakers, including Adam Cheyer, Co-founder of Siri, Viv Labs, Sentient, and a founding member of; David Singleton, Chief Technology Officer at Stripe; Emerald de Leeuw, Global Head of Privacy at Logitech, among others. Their expertise and insights will shed light on the latest trends and challenges within the tech industry.

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