Connecting Ideas and Innovation: Computools at Fashinnovation Talks

Julie Vlasova, Vice President of Digital Transformation at Computools, emphasised the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration for driving innovation in the industry at the Fashinnovation Talks 2023.

September 6, 2023
USA. New York

Computools participated in the Fashinnovation Talks, a global event that brings together industry leaders and innovators in fashion and technology. Fashinnovation Talks, known as the ‘World Cup for Fashion’, featured 650+ speakers from 180 countries, including luminaries like Kenneth Cole and Sutton Stracke.

At the event, Computools shared knowledge, fostered new business connections and networked with like-minded individuals and potential partners. This immersive experience allowed us to stay relevant in the industry trends and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

Julie Vlasova, Vice President of Digital Transformation at Computools, commented, ‘Fashinnovation Talks offered a unique platform for industry leaders to come together, exchange ideas and drive innovation. We’re excited to leverage these insights to enhance our services and continue pushing boundaries.’

As a forward-thinking company, Computools remains committed to staying ahead of trends and delivering cutting-edge solutions. Our participation in Fashinnovation Talks reinforces our dedication to innovation and collaboration within the fashion and technology landscape.

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