Computools at the European Health Tech Innovation Week 2022

European Health Tech Innovation Week 2022 took place on May 16-20, and Computools had the opportunity to present what it has to offer international partners as a software development vendor.

May 16, 2022
Paris, Barcelona, Liverpool, Stockholm, Berlin

The annual European Health Tech Innovation Week 2022 was held May 16-20, 2022. The conference was truly innovative, bringing attendees on a virtual tour of the best in Healthcare innovation. Offline exhibitions also took place in Paris, Barcelona, Liverpool, Stockholm, and Berlin.

The IT Ukraine Association invited Computools to show European organizations what it offers in terms of technology and software solutions for the Healthcare sector. 

Such events as the European Health Tech Innovation Week 2022 have great value for developing and merging ideas and opportunities in two important areas: IT and Healthcare. The bringing together of these two sectors is huge for the innovation of medicine and physical and mental health. 

The conference was founded by the international medical community GIANT Health and boasts over 200,000 participants.

The entire team at Computools is grateful to the event organizers at GIANT Health for bringing world organizations closer together. A major thank you to the IT Ukraine Association, too, for its contribution to the development of the IT industry in Ukraine and opening up opportunities for Ukrainian companies in Europe and around the globe.

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