Computools Showcases Digital Transformation Expertise at The International Industrial Fair 2023 Kobe

Learn how Computools showcased its digital transformation expertise at The International Industrial Fair 2023 Kobe, Japan.

September 7, 2023
Japan, Kobe

Computools announces its participation in The International Industrial Fair 2023 Kobe, which took place on 7–8 September. Recognised as the largest industrial fair in western Japan, this event brought together rapidly evolving industries and cutting-edge technology.

Andrii Korniichuk, Head of Digital Transformation in Japan for Computools, represented the company at this prestigious event. Computools not only featured an impressive booth but Mr Korniichuk also took the stage as a keynote speaker, sharing valuable insights into the future of digital transformation. 

Mr. Korniichuk presented a case study on aerospace technology that showed the transformational power of technology. He then discussed the key trends shaping the aerospace and medical industries. 

He discussed digital twins and virtual modeling trends, autonomous unmanned systems, artificial intelligence, blockchain for security and traceability, and other topics. Mr. Korniichuk presented several case studies illustrating how information technology is revolutionising healthcare. 

Each case study concerned the benefits of implementing technologies such as machine learning, big data analytics to improve diagnosis, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

The fair offered extensive support for exhibitors, including pre-fair interviews, business matching coordinators and seminars on enhancing exhibition skills. It was a unique opportunity for Computools to engage with industry peers, fostering new connections and exploring potential collaborations that could evolve into strategic partnerships.

Computools remains committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends, providing innovative solutions to its clients as the world advances in the digital age.

Computools is a global software development company that delivers innovative IT solutions, helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives. With a focus on digital transformation, our company empowers organisations to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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