Computools Contributes at London Tech Week 2023

Computools continues to champion technological innovation and collaboration at the forefront of the industry, as demonstrated by active participation at London Tech Week 2023.

June 12, 2023
UK, London

Mykhaylo Hnatyev, Chief Business Development Officer at Computools UK, attended London Tech Week from 12 to 16 June 2023. We are thrilled to announce that Mykhaylo was a VIP guest of a Global Leaders Innovation Summit and a valuable contributor to the Roundtable discussion on “The Geopolitics of Technology – Collaborating in a Fragmented World.” His insights and expertise greatly enriched the conversation and provided valuable perspectives.

The event served as a platform for cross-industry collaboration, focused on fostering a more inclusive and sustainable world. The key themes encompassed scaling start-ups, driving digital transformation, fuelling entrepreneurship, and emphasising sustainability and responsibility within the tech industry.

Mykhaylo, representing Computools, engaged with various tech industry stakeholders, sharing knowledge and initiating potential business partnerships. These interactions underline Computools’ commitment to fostering a collaborative environment, essential for the tech industry’s growth.

Attendees were offered an enriching experience packed with innovative content, groundbreaking tech demos, and networking spaces conducive to forging valuable connections, embodying a one-stop platform for tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Computools’ participation in this event further solidified the company’s commitment to driving digital transformation and contributing to the thriving UK tech ecosystem. London Tech Week 2023 was an invaluable opportunity for Computools to continue pushing boundaries, fostering growth and championing innovative solutions for a digital future.

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